[OBSOLETE] SHM Delay Version 2.0

I already have the motion sensor removed from SHM and I have it listed under “(Optional!) Ignore these motion sensors during exit delay, and when the Real Contact Sensor opens during entry delay. These sensors are monitored in Alarm State: Away (Remove from Smarthome Security Armed (Away) Monitoring)”

Try saving the SHM Delay and Global profiles, and the SHM settings. Should that not cure it, send me a private message with your phone number and a good time to call you.

Hi @arnb
If I want to make a chime with fully kiosk as a device handler in all contact sensor without delay, what could be the settings on SHM Delay. If I create a Delay Profile, I can’t set delay time 0 in both parameters. Its says “Illogical something…”

If I understand this correctly, you want to have the Fully Kiosk Controller play an mp3 chime file when a contact sensor opens.

My suggestion: set up the chime file for the Fully Kiosk Controller, then create a simple WebCore script to issue the command to play the mp3 file when the contact sensor opens as was previously suggested.

SHM Delay does not allow a 0 second delay.

Everything is working fine now. Thanks for your help.

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I don’t have any idea of programming, that’s why I was trying to make this chime with bigtalker or shm delay without write any code. Maybe set just 1 sec as delay for all sensor except the 30 for the front door. Any other suggestions?

That should work.

@arnb is there any integration with the new smartthings app (no classic)? The thing is I noticed that SHM in the classic app dont trigger my Smartthing Samsung Cam to recording when Intrusion is detected. So If i want those Cam recording when SHM detected intrusion, I have to use the new App. If I want an entry delay, then I have to use the classic app with SHM Delay.

No integration with the new ST phone app, and none is planned. My system is now almost all on Hubitat.

Hello, I am using your SHM delay and it’s working good. The only thing I’m missing is a delay countdown beep for delay exit/entry. I appreciate any direction you can give me. BTW I have a buzzer and siren for my alarm syste.

Can someone help me. I have installed SHM and one of the door sensors does not trigger alarm even though it is installed exactly same as other sensors in SHM delay.

Here’s log from sensor that works:

And here’s log from sensor that does not trigger alarm:

EDIT: anyone? Why same type of device with exact same settings acts different way in SHM Delay? Log says that it does not have “alarm triggered” line at all. What could cause this. I thought that alarm settings are global for all sensors or at least settings are set from that one place and they affect to all sensors.

EDIT: exit and entry delay seconds… did testing without understanding to wait 30sec before opening door. Did not also understand to dismiss alerts from app before creating another one. So solved…

The app’s builtin count down delay works only with a keypad. Are you using a keypad?

I’m not, using Fire 7 tablet.

I use no contact sensor to guard the front door but an indoor motion sensor. To disarm SHM, I rely on location by cellphone. When entering the house SHM always triggers because location is slow and takes about 10-20 seconds.

I don’t understand why there is no profile to delay motionbased triggers. Using the contactsensor of the backdoor and watching the motion sensor at the front entrance doesn’t do the trick. Thinking of making a simulated contact sensor, synced with the motion sensor, just to make a ‘motion’ based profile… However… looks clumsy to me, any alternatives?

SHM Delay was developed after I gave up on the notoriously unreliable (for many) “presence sensor” cellphone option as an arming/disarming device.

In my opinion the easiest “alternative” is to purchase and install a contact sensor on the front door, then arm/disarm the system the system using the classic phone app.

Try using this app’s talker options with the Fully Kiosk Browser Controller. Count down may be a challenge but it will issue warning messages.

I used your Talker profile creator and now exit/entry announcements coming clear through my Amazon Echo. :pray:

Question, what happened if I create multiple talk profiles? Are they all get played back in order? If so, can I used them to repeat the announcement to countdown?

Multiple talker profiles are permitted, but usually each profile targets different output devices. I have no idea what would occur when the same device is used with multiple talker profiles, and it would likely vary based upon what if any queuing was used by the hardware and software.

For example using a Kindle Fire 8 that receives multiple simultaneous messages

Using Lannouncer: active messages are cut off and chopped when a new message arrives

Using Fully Kiosk Controller: messages are FIFO queued and spoken in order

Will this work with the new SmartThings app or only with the classic app? I’m quite new to Smartthings and looking for a way to use a keypad with SHM but am using the new app.