[OBSOLETE] SHM Delay Version 2.0

I’ve been thinking about this myself. I have it running in the classic app but also want to use my keypad in the new app.

I THINK you should be able to make it work if you use location mode to arm/disarm STHM in the new app. It will be pretty difficult for Arn, the developer, to assist you in setting it up if you have problems if you are using it in the new app though.

There was an update to the new app recently that now allows you to use SmartApps, so it works perfectly well in both apps now :slight_smile:

SHM Delay has run in the new app for quite awhile now but it is my understanding it won’t directly monitor the status of STHM (new app) like it does with SHM in the classic app.

Example:. If you were to disarm SHM (classic app), SHM delay will automatically change location mode to whatever you had set the default to be in SHM Delay. If you were to disarm STHM (new app), location mode would not automatically change to your default setting in SHM Delay. You should be able to work around this but it does change the described behavior of SHM Delay 2.0 in the documentation.

There may be other differences too. I haven’t had a chance to test it much in the new app yet.

The developer of SHM Delay is now running almost entirely on Hubitat so he has stated there won’t be a rewrite for it to work 100% in the new app.

Thanks for the replies! I also meant to ask, will this still work to arm/disarm if the internet goes down, or does it need internet access to work? This might be a silly question but I’m quite new to SmartThings!

It will not work if the internet goes down. All custom smart apps run in the cloud.

Being that ST doesn’t have a DTH for keypads that means the keypad will also need a custom DTH, thus be relegated to running in the cloud too.

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What kind of scenario would this be? SHM delay will not work if internet is down but SHM in ST runs locally. So you are still able to change SHM modes to disarm or arm system but you have to use mobile app from local network to do this.

unfortunately as it is a custom Smartapp, and ALL custom SmartApps run the cloud, then it doesn’t matter what the Smartapp is doing it will not operate correctly if the internet is down.

The mobile app DOES NOT WORK when the internet is down. You can’t arm/disarm from the app without internet access to the hub and the app. If STHM does run locally (I’m not sure either way), then you might be able to use some kind of button that runs locally to disarm the system. As of right now, if the internet is down, your security system is basically down too unless your using one of the ADT hubs that seem to be deprecated.

My apologies. I wrote completely wrong information. If internet is down…well… nothing can’t be done

No apologies needed. It’s sometimes hard to keep track of what works when with ST. Maybe it will be better next year when they add more local control. :thinking:

Hi, I am using the beta. I want to do updates from the repo. What is the propre why to do the update?


My Global Settings say "Real keypads used to arm and disarm shm you cant currently add this.
Therefore i cant choose my keypads. They do show in Smartthings have i missed something?

Do you know if we can set up the Smartthings button to disable it locally when internet is down? or does that only run on the cloud too?

I honestly don’t know. I’m sure someone else here does though.

If the device shows as local in the IDE then you can do that.

I don’t have a button so that’s about as much help as I can be I’m afraid.

@JDRoberts is probably the best person to answer this one.

But there would have to be smartapp which runs local as well. For example Smart Lighting can’t change SHM mode even if you have local button.

Trying to get this to work with the new app but I’m not sure how as (unless I’m mistaken) the new app doesn’t have routines? It has “scenes” but I can’t find a way to change SHM status through scenes or use them with SHM Delay.

I did not even tried to configure it. New app includes alarm delay on intrusion so that was the only thing that I needed from SHM delay too.

Does it? How do you set a delay on intrusion? I have the new app but must have missed that setting as this is what I wanted from SHM too.

The only reason you would probably need/want to try and use SHM Delay in the new app is if you are trying to keep using a keypad without purchasing RBoy apps.

What you would have to do is have SHM Delay change the mode and then use mode to change STHM in the new app. You would ignore routines or create routines that did absolutely nothing if SHM Delay is insistent on having them specified.