[OBSOLETE] SHM Delay Version 2.0

Follow the directions in the documentation section 31. Assuming entry and exit delays are setup, it will set selected switches, such as Konnected Virtual Buzzer switch, on and off.

In your phone app
Applications → SHm Delay Buzzer Switch-> select devices-> long or short beep->Save

So when I am testing the system and turn it on then off quickly, sometimes the red armed light on the keypad stays on, but eventually shuts off. Not quite issue, just nit-picking.

Makes sense to me.

SmartThings is a cloud based system meaning: hub gets keypad message, sends it via internet to cloud, cloud processing, cloud returns message via internet, hub sends command to keypad., keypad processes command.

Loving this and have been using it for a while so thanks again to the OP!
However, im selling off my Sonos which I currently have as the broadcasting device. Any way I can use Google homes instead?

Is there any way to increase the delay beyond the 90seconds? I am using this app to deal with the crappy ST presence detection. Sometimes it takes more than 2 minutes for the hub to realize I am home, so extending this to 120 or 180 would hopefully help me avoid false alarm triggers.

Edit module SHM Delay Child Version 2.1.5 around line 425

input "theentrydelay", "number", required: true, range: "0..90", defaultValue: 30,
			title: "Alarm entry delay time in seconds from 0 to 90" 


 input "theentrydelay", "number", required: true, range: "0..120", defaultValue: 30,
			title: "Alarm entry delay time in seconds from 0 to 120"

or whatever maximum number you want

Thank you!!!

For some reasons, SHM stops working again. The Iris keypad does not do anything. All the monitored entries now have no beep sound. I am using [arnbme : Centralite Keypad]. What else I should check?

try saving all the SHM Delay settings

Hi arnb,
It didn’t help. I had to reset the Iris keypad. Now everything works again!

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A few months ago I had the same problem after the batteries died on my Iris keypad. Had to pair the device perhaps three times before it worked.

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Sono’s is sold… can I make my Google Homes do the Broadcast does any one know?

Yes, you can (with some quirks). Check out [Deprecated] Google Assistant Relay V2.0 - Google Home Audio Notifications!. I use this in conjunction with several Google Home devices. The two biggest issues I have are that the notification audio is not synchronized across devices (though I think there might be a semi-workaround for this if you’re welling to accept its side-effects); and that a bit ago, Google in its infinite wisdom, decided to preface each announcement with “broadcast from your user name”. So I’ve just had to get used to hearing “broadcast from Rob, laundry room door opened” every time.

I have the strangest issue with the entry delay I have aeotec 5 sirens and sometimes they beep and other times they will just loudly siren instead of delaying. It seems to work randomly. Does anybody have anything I could try? I tried to find a solution but other than outright not having a warning beep which isnt something I want.

Edit: Ive been testing it out all day. I cant figure out why sometimes the beep routine makes it go off but most other times it actually works as intended lol

Does the DTH have a Beep command?

If it does not the app attempts to simulate the Beep by sending on and two off commands to the device. Due to ST Cloud and Internet timing issues these commands may arrive out of sequence causing the problems you are experiencing.

You may attempt to adjust the timings in module shm delay child around line 1016.

if (settings.thesiren)
	thesiren.each		//fails when not defined as multiple contacts
		if (it.hasCommand("beep"))
			it.beep([delay: 2000])
			it.off([delay: 2500])		//double off the siren to hopefully shut it
			it.siren([delay: 2000])	
			it.off([delay: 2250])
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thank you for taking the time to help me with my problem. Appreciate it very much. What you are describing sounds exactly like the trouble im experiencing. Will try this :slight_smile:
Edit: Changing the second itoff to 5000ms fixed all issues. Siren will occassionally do an extended beep but i dont care. It turns off.

:confused: someone help me please :slight_smile: , So i am currently using the simulated keypad and i have the user code set up and the simulated ID for the keypad all set up however when i enter my code and press arm stay or arm away and even disarm nothing happens at all, but when i press panic it arms the system away… what’s going on lol

pretty sure i have like it has my 4 digit pin and i set the thing to user and i chose my name for it

Sorry I deleted my response after rereading your post and noticing you have a user profile.

Try turning on IDE Live Logging, rerunning your test, then see if there were any errors.

ok so when i look at the logs i see this “senddevice notification to keypad”… i’m not sure but that turned up as soon as i pressed off partial or on after entering my code but smartthings classic app arming modes or whatever there called do not change ;/