[OBSOLETE] SHM Delay Version 2.0

also i should add!, when i disarm my system or arm it in either mode from the smartthings classic app not they keypad the writing on the simulated keypad goes red for away and stay and green for disarm so there connected if that makes sense

Weird thing was my battery was 80%. Anyway, thanks for the suggestion. Now it works great as usual.

If the Modefix Profile is not setup, please do so. I suspect that may be the issue.

so i think i have set it up correctly however it is still not working how do i use this to work for me?

At this juncture, I suggest going back to the beginning, read and follow the SHM Delay documentation at the top of this thread, setting the app for a real or simulated keypad, insuring all the basic testing in Section 15 functions, then retry the simulated keypad.

ok so i have read through it all and still nothing which is a shame

Assuming the tests in section 15 were completed and successful, I’m out of ideas or suggestions.

I really appreciate the developer’s effort here. He’s gone above and beyond with this smartapp. Any explanation as to why Samsung ST doesn’t have a native arm/disarm delay for SHM?

hallelujah i have the delay working, btw works great congrats just hoping and praying the sim keypad works


Hoping someone can help me. I had everything working great with SHM Delay. All of a sudden, when I now set the alarm, it gives me a warning that the “real sensor” (not configured in ST monitor) is open. This was not happening before. I have no idea what I did to cause this but I have deleted the profile, added it back, renamed it, looked at debug logs, nothing. The only thing that seems to make it not give the warning is when i turn “Disable All Functions” to “on” in Global settings. This makes the error go away but it also seems to disable the beeps when the door is opened and closed. Please help!

This is a great addition to SHM! I’m having an issue with “Beep these devices on entry delay” The delay profiles work fine for my front and side door. I’m trying to get it to beep when in Armed Away when entering the doors. I’m using the same device for both doors, but oddly enough, one beeps for a second and then stops and the other continuously beeps, even after disarming. Does it check the state of the alarm after some time, or can I set it for a set amount of time to beep?

This setting is meant to totally disable the app.

Check the sensor’s battery

Duration of a keypad’s entry delay beeping is determined by the “Alarm entry delay time in seconds from 0 to 90” setting on Page 2 of the delay profile.

No idea why a device continues to beep after disarming or the duration of he exit delay time.

Suggest verifying, then saving all delay profiles.

Thanks for the help. Turns out that when I adjusted the settings in one of the delay profiles, it turned SMS and Push notifications back on… So turned those off and it seems the problem is solved. That said, we typically use “stay” even when we are away so is there a way to get the delay/speech to work for “stay” as well as away? Also, I seem to be getting the names of the sim sensors in my notifications when the alarm triggers, any debug I can do on that?
I love SHM Delay and thank you for all you have done to make it work so well! It makes ST Alarm with konnected actually work!

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Pleased to learn the issue was solved by saving a profile. When things get a bit crazy in ST saving all the profiles is a good idea.

When the house is empty I suggest using “away” rather than “stay” . Reason: Generally motion sensors are active in “away” not “stay” mode. However, your setup may vary.

The name of the real sensor that triggered an intrusion alert is available by turning on “globals” setting “This app issues intrusion message with name of real sensor” in your notificaions log. When using SHM Delay, SHM generally shows the name of the simulated sensor.

Check the Modefix setting on “create exit delay for Armed (Home) Stay Mode.” That should (works on my system) create the Talker entry delay messages.

Thanks for the help. I tried deleting the profiles and recreating and I’m getting different behavior. One time, it will beep a couple of times and others, it will keep going and not stop. The device is a chime, not a keypad.

I suspect the chime DTH does not have a Beep command.
See this post and the response.

Wow, quick response! Thanks for the help. I’m unsure if it has a Beep command. It seems like a lower volume siren. I’ve been messing around in Webcore to see if I can mimic the functionality, but the delay throws things off. A normal “device turn on” command works fine with this siren. Do you know where in your code I would just have it do that type of function?

You may attempt to adjust the timings in module shm delay child around line 1016 as follows.

if (settings.thesiren)
	thesiren.each		//fails when not defined as multiple contacts
		if (it.hasCommand("beep"))
			it.off([delay: 5000])		//double off the siren to hopefully shut it
			it.off([delay: 2250])

So awesome! Initial tests shows that it’s working perfectly.

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