[OBSOLETE] Send Events to EventGhost

Hi Dan. I have the same environment (Windows 10 but EG is v0.5.0rc4) and also the same issues (EG does not receive the events or they are out of sync) for about 4 months now and I still could not find the root cause.
I agree that it’s frustrating and your are not doing anything wrong, but there is something that is not documented that is causing this.
Good Luck and please let me know if you find something :slight_smile:

Well I would take ST out of the equation atm. The fact you are getting multiple events from one url as you described above is puzzling. I have seen where a door sensor “sent” duplicates to EG but that disappeared on its own. If I did something to solve that issue I dont recall. EG has worked well for me not only in receiving events but sending them to things such as ST. I started using EG when ST scheduling was so unreliable and I have never looked back. Wish I knew what to tell you :frowning:

Can you repeat this at any given time? I am trying to duplicate this problem but in my case, one event only.

Here is what my Webserver preferences look like


It constantly happens. Below are my Webserver prefs.
With checking the ST log, ST is sending a closed value while EG is not picking it up or receiving the wrong value for closed/open.


What other SmartApps do you have installed?
What kind of router are you using?

My plugin version is .01 revision higher. (V3.11) Doubt that is the issue but worth mentioning
My router(s) are Asus AC66 and Asus AC68. The EG Pc is connected directly to the main router (AC68)
As for ST app its quite a long list. Only relating app other than evenghost ST app is one that can receive events from EG.

I also have a Asus AC68U. I tried port forwarding in my router too, changing the port, etc.
I also tried reinstalling both EventGhost and the SmartApp.
Any idea on my next steps with trying to see what ST is actually sending vs what EG is receiving?
Is there a device handler for this or just a SmartApp?

Since EventGhost isn’t working.
Is there an alternative to getting ST to send commands or events to my PC?

I would be willing to pay for help debugging.
My PC and EventGhost are talking to each other, just not accurately. Does anyone know who is a pro at this?

Can someone share their SmartApp code for EventGhost so I can rule that out?

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I’m not a “pro”, but EventGhost worked fine… I just faded away from using it due to other smart home projects.

Drop me a PM with the most basic task you need to accomplish and where it seems to be stuck, and I might be able to offer to replicate it on my setup. At least that might confirm what’s going on.

Is there some sort of delay between multiple commands? I have things up and running but noticed that if I send two or more commands close together (i.e. withing around 10-20 seconds) only the first one is registering, is this expected?

I’ve been having a lot of problems with EventGhost (scroll up some).
I am experience your problem plus some.

Have not found a solution but the EventGhost SmartApp code may need some updating, it is 1-2 years old.

@tgauchat may help with debugging - no word yet.


I believe I found the problem.
When I leave the HTML document root blank - everything works fine. When I put a file root in, I have the problems I listed above.



That sounds like a reasonable “bug / quirk”. When a HTML documents root is supplied, EventGhost’s HTML Server module probably tries to serve documents from their instead of reacting properly to the events being sent from SmartThings.

Any idea if it is possible to have two computers receive commands from ST?
The EventGhost SmartApp only allows for a single IP and port # so I was doubting it.

Glad you found a solution. Yeah, in my case, the html document is blank.

As for two computers receiving commands, cant you just install two instances of the EG Smartapp? Go to Automation/SmartApps and select Add a Smartapp Scroll to the bottom and select My Apps Add the 2nd Send events to EventGhost and when setting preferences give the 2nd instance a different name.

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please update the url to http://www.eventghost.net/ as they’ve had issues with reclaiming their .org address

We have an issue that there is no way around as of yet. I have done all I can to try and prevent this from happening. We are going to be losing the .com, .org and .de domains”

I think there’s an issue with this app.

I’ve been without much luck to get it to work consistently.

My example:

I have set up two Virtual Switches in ST
1 called PC
1 called EGTest

I have selected the devices in the smartapp, and can see the events arriving in EG.

But there’s two things going wrong.

  1. If i press PC on, say 10 times in a row the event gets to EG, if I then press EGTest 10 in a row, then the event received doesn’t change from PC to EGTest, not for about a minute, then it corrects itself and starts to send the correct event EGTest. It still registers the event, just with the incorrect event for a set period.

  2. Pressing EGTest “On” (as an example) multiple times sends an alternating on/off event, when I am only pressing “On”

I’m using
EG 0.50.rc4
ST app 2.15.1
Send Events to EventGhost 1.2.0

Do you have a separate install for each PC?

I was missing an app per switch. So what I have done is uninstalled all the virtual switches and the EG smartapp and started a fresh.

I started this time by creating two virtual switches called A and B. Then I installed EG smartapp and then configured two instances of the smartapp, one called A and one called B.

I then conducted the same tests.

Pressing A (off) on 30 times in a row, which gives me
followed by about 90 presses of B (off)
which gave me
until about the 90 presses later then it changes to

Here are the config pictures:


I am not sure what you are trying to accomplish here…

Do you have two PCs or you just want one PC to register two different switches?

For me, I have multiple PCs so each PC has it’s own IP Address and a separate reserved Port in my router…

So in ST, each PC needs it’s own instance of Send Events to Event Ghost…

If’s its two separate Switches for the same PC then only one instance is needed…

See my Study PC (EG) Screen Shot, there I have both switches selected to show up on my Study PC EventGhost Screen. The Study PC Activity Switch is actually populated by Events from my PC such as me moving the mouse…

It seems like you are looking to have your PC register two separate ST Switches?

  1. Did you give each VS a unique name in the IDE along with a unique Device ID?
  2. How are you creating you VS?