[OBSOLETE] Original & Aqara Xiaomi Zigbee Sensors (contact, temp, motion, button, outlet, leak, etc)

Yes, I used old app, too.

Hi, I adapted a DTH for Xiaomi Aqara Switch QBKG12LM and works great as two buttons with Smartthings.

Need to install a DTH Aqara-Switch-QBKG12LM-Button2 (Child DTH) to visualize and control the second output in SmartThings. (different endpoint)


Just starting off with a couple of the Aqara Motion Sensors. Once I installed the correct device handler, pairing was fairly painless process, though not one I ever felt in control of (that seems par for the course). The lux values appeared quickly and eventually the battery values put in an appearance. So thanks to everyone involved with developing the device handler.

I do have a query about the lux values. During the day I can see them varying and eventually overnight both dropped down to 0 lux on both, showing reports as low as 7 before that. However come the morning both sensors seemed rather keen on sticking with the 0. One stayed with 0 until 8:33am and then the next report at 8:56am was 37 lux. The other leapt from 0 to 77 lux at the same times.

Now one night is a small sample size I know, but I’d be interested to know from more long term users if that is going to be a typical happening. I was initially wondering if there was a night/day mechanism overlaying the lux reporting but then I saw values as low a 7 so it seemed unlikely. Anything else that could be happening?

That’s great. Will try the two DH now.

IS there a similar DTH for the Xiaomi Aqara two button switch (WXKG02LM)?

Excellent work! Do you mind if we add it to the bspranger GitHub Xiaomi device handler collection repository?

Unfortunately, that this method of polling the different endpoints may only work for the mains powered Xiaomi Aqara switches.

The reason why it works with the QBKG12LM model is that the switch will respond to zigbee.readAttribute commands - which is like asking the switch “Is button 1 on or off, and also is button 2 on or off?”

However, in my testing and reports from others, all of the battery powered Xiaomi devices do not respond to zigbee.readAttribute commands. They only just send read attribute messages, which is like the switch saying “Button XXX was just pushed.” and SmartThings always replaces XXX with “1”.

I have moved all of my Xiaomi devices to a Hubitat hub, but I’ll try pairing one of my WXKG02LM two-button switches and check again if the method works or not.

A device handler is now available for the Zigbee-based Xiaomi Aqara Curtain Motor:


i changed all my bulbs to tradfry, lights. And you switch it with xiaomi wireless light switches. (1 button)

And it is really interests me how to overcome this problems:

The wireless switches many times go as i call “sleeping” when i don’t touch them for longer period.
When i would like to turn on the lights, have to push it 3-4 times over 10 seconds when it starts reacting for me, After this play, it works normally and react to every push, in around 1-2 sec lagg (what is totally acceptable)
but this many pushing after every hours is really annoys me basically makes it unusable
anyone has this?

No problem Veeceeoh! Do you can add to the bspranger GitHub Xiaomi device handler collection repository.

LUX value is reported only when movement is detected.

Yes, I was quoting the reported Lux values. I was querying how others have found the performance of the illumination sensors which for me seem happy enough to report values that gradually diminish to zero with the light, but once they hit zero don’t seem at all keen to report values increasing with the light until there has been a very significant change. In my case they are still reporting 0 lx three and a half hours after sunrise but within the next half an hour are reporting something a little more sensible.

I can not get these stupid Aqara motion sensors to stay connected. What is the secret? They will work for maybe a week and then one will randomly go inactive and need to be re-paired.

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Thank you, this might be my problem. I see my hub is on channel 20 and my AP was auto-channeling to 7. I moved my AP to 1 this morning so we shall see if this helps. These Aqara sensors must have some crappy firmware that just gives up reconnecting after a while. All my other brand sensors never drop off.

I think they have a weak signal so you will likely need a compatible router that works with Xiaomi devices to boost their range. Such as the Xbee devices (not series 1).

The issue is they don’t use standard zigbee HA 1.2 protocol that SmartThings does.

Btw, my Xiaomi door sensor started working in the new app. So it seems they are making some progress on getting custom handlers to work in the new app.

Hey by the way, the aqara motion sensors detect motion immediately every time. There is no 60 second blind time like this device handler states. Not a big deal because it let’s be set the motion reporting time in the handler to a short 5 seconds. But it can be confusing for those who don’t know.

Unfortunately, this only lasts for 2-3 hours while the sensor is in testing mode. Testing mode starts when the sensor is first paired / rejoined to the hub, or if the reset button is single-pressed. During testing mode, it is blind to motion for only 2-3 seconds after each detection.

When testing mode is finished, the sensor goes into normal mode, and is blind to motion for 60 seconds after detection. Xiaomi states that the reason for this is to help to extend battery life.

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Hi Guys,
In Australia, Have a ST v2, z-wave disabled, and have it working with 2 of the original xiaomi temp/humidity sensors
Under Groovy IDE, these are shown as ONLINE/CLOUD and I get readings on the phone on the ST app

Now, I bought a couple of the xiaomi outlets. I can add them in, change the Dh to the latest by spranger.
They show up on Groovy IDE as ACTIVE/CLOUD, but when I touch their button on the ST App, i get a message “Cant connect to Device. Check device & try again”
On groovy IDE, I can check the log, and it shows status, and will show each time I manually press the on/off button on the device.

So, my ST hardawre is communicating to the device (or at least getting updates from it) but the app on phone SGS 8+ isnt.

My ST account is set up in Stockton USA, and I have set same location on the App.

Any ideas appreciated

Why have you done that? Australian locations work perfectly well for me.