[OBSOLETE] New zigbee device handler for EMI Han Meter

Hi @johnconstantelo
This is working great. :+1:

I am not sure how often I get update, but it seems to be very often. It seems to updated multiple times within 30 sec.

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Is the code written her earlier workign for the device? Looking out to get one my self to integrate into smartthings.

Yes, it is working. :ok_hand:

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Hi @tore.dahl
Great job with the device handler. I downloaded it recently and its working very well.
My next step is to find how to import the electricity prices for Norway into Smartthings. Have you, or anyone else on this forum, found any way to do that?

Hi @torasle
I am using RaspberryPi with Node Red and Tibber. Then I do logic in NR and send signals to Smartthings to control eqipment based on prices.

Hello Tore. Do you have any solution for the Develco ENI HAN Meter with Edge drivers?

Hi. No, sorry. I do not have an y solution for Edge Driver. I am not using Develco Han meter anymore. You could try to use native edge driver for power meter to see if it’s working.

Thanks Tore. I will try.

Does it work with smartthings?