[OBSOLETE] Monitor/Control your Lights/Switches based on the power consumption and illuminance of your home


Would you like to control your lights during the day based on your power consumption and illuminance inside your home?

Use cases:

  • If your home’s power consumption is above a certain threshold (in watts), you may want to turn off some lights,especially during the day when the illuminance inside your home is above a lux threshold (input parameter)


  • Power meter for your whole house such as Neur.io, Curb, or Aeon HEM (Home Energy Monitor) to get your power usage at any time during the day.

Neur,io device here:

  • Illuminance sensor (such as the Aeon Multi Sensor) - Optional


  • Multiple switches can be controlled at the same time!
  • Run only during the day according to your sunrise/sunset times (with or without offsets)
  • Virtual power switch can turn on/off the smartapp momentarily

The smartapp is available for download at:

If you do not know how to create a custom smartapp, please refer to

P.S. Technical support packages are also available (optional).


Here are some screenshots:

Available now for download at my store: