[OBSOLETE] MiHome (Connect) V2.0.1 [Energenie] (not Xiaomi MiHome)

Things are stable for me and working well.
I’m using:
4 way Gang socket
Master Socket Plus
Light Switch

The eTRV’s are used with your Hive app and with CoRE pistons and work extremely well.
I’ve not updated to latest SmartThings Android App 2.2.2 as too many reports of issues with CoRE and other Smartapps

Once again a great job thank you.


I’ve not had any issues here apart from issues with the graphs on the Adapter Plus(es).

Perhaps a note that the power usage graphs don’t work on all devices?

Managed to pick 3 eTRV’s and a gateway up on a Amazon lightning deal :grinning: only been using them for a day but happy so far, thanks Alex appreciate your work on this :relaxed:

There is one thing that’s bugging me, but I don’t think its anything to do with you. In your screenshots is that on a iPhone? The sliders on my android make me :sob: its functional but wtf my phone’s gone back to gingerbread.

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Hi guys,

some-what new to Smartthings, but feel like I’m learning quickly!
Feel confident I can get this done with a little help if anyone wouldn’t mind.

I understand exactly (I think) what needs to be done, just stuck with part 1…

Add the MiHome (Connect) app from GitHub as a new ‘My SmartApps’, select create from code option and paste. Click the ‘Create’ button. Save and Publish.

Where/how do I do this?


I got the lightning deal and it came missing the hub. Got amazon UK to replace and still the same missing the hub. Now they’ve stamped their feet and refusing to send me a hub and refunding instead :frowning:
Really disappointed as I wanted to jump onto this eco system.

Log into the IDE here https://graph-eu01-euwest1.api.smartthings.com and you’ll do it in SmartApps / + New SmartApp
Device handlers / + Create New Device Handler (for each device type you’ll be using)

When you’ve done that, on the smartthings app navigate through Marketplace / Smart Apps / My Apps and you should find it there.

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I only received a single long rectangular white box of the values in both instances. Did the hub come in a separate box for you? I tried to convince amazon to send me the hub (as they sell it) separately but they will not play ball at all and repeatedly told me to return the goods to get a refund.
They refused to fix the problem or compensate me for failing to fulfil their lightning deal. Very angry with them right now.

Thought I’d throw out there that the graphs appear to be working on Android. Not sure when it started working, but I noticed it today.

Appears to be a smartthings fix as I haven’t touched the device handlers.

Edit: And… as if by magic. It’s stopped working again.

Hi all.
I have just come a across this product and have been doing some reading and searching and reading various threads on the forum.
I’m not saying I’m even more confused but thought the best thing to do is ask some basic questions and hope you guys can fill in the blanks.
So here goes.
With full integration to ST, cloud to cloud etc. What sort of delay to turn on a light switch.
Are the light switches dimmable.
Do they require a neutral.
As an example if I turn a light switch on manually, woud I be able to set a rule up to turn it off with no motion. I suppose this is to do with the state issue people are talking.
Any other pros/cons that might be worth noting.

I know I will need a hub. Are there any range issues or drawbacks with the hub.
Thanks in advance.

With the best of my knowledge, here it goes…

With full integration to ST, cloud to cloud etc. What sort of delay to turn on a light switch.
I find the wall light switches instant. I can assume that other switches and plugs would be equally as responsive

Are the light switches dimmable.

Do they require a neutral.
No neutral required, I managed to easily fit the MiHome light switches onto my existing 2 wire ones and I’m not exactly a qualified electrician. A big warning is that you need to check that you have enough depth in your existing switches to fit the MiHome switches into. I found my new extension had the right depth but older switches didn’t.

As an example if I turn a light switch on manually, woud I be able to set a rule up to turn it off with no motion. I suppose this is to do with the state issue people are talking.
State is reported if you use ST or the MiHome app to turn the lights on/off. If you physically press the button no state is updated in ST or the MiHome API. However, it would work in the scenario where you physically pressed the light switch and had ST send an off command after no motion as the device handler forces an off command no matter what the state of the light is.

Any other pros/cons that might be worth noting.
The depth of the device is the biggest issue I found which limited the switches I could replace in my house.

The MiHome gateway is required for the ST integration.

One feature that is great is the fact that there is a red LED on the switch itself. I use one of the MiHome switches for my garage light which is inside the house and this always gets left on as you can’t see the garage light when the door is closed. The red LED makes this obvious.

Hope that helps.

Great response.
Much appreciated.
I hadn’t even considered the depth of the switch.
Will look at the specs and do some measuring and I may jump in.
It’s the fact of another hub that I don’t like.
Thanks again.

EDIT. Being the lazy git that I am, any one know if they do 2 way light switches. I.e. a switch by 2 separate doors controlling the same lights.

Hi Alyc100, Great work as always, just wondering if Mi|Home House Monitor cud be supported.

Well I took the plunge and bought a hub and a light switch to give these a try.
Light switch very easy to install.
Hub easy to set up.
Light discovered very quickly.
Installed device handler and smartapp.
All incredibly easy.
I really like this product and the integration into ST.
Well done @Alyc100 for a great piece of work.

The only downside for me is the slight delay in turning the light on via ST.
Not massive but could be an issue if turning on via motion sensor.
I also tried using a virtual switch via ifttt and the delay is even greater.

Still like the product though and once again, thanks again @Alyc100 for a great piece of work.

It should be easy to integrate this in. I believe that the API is the same as the miHome Monitor device. Do you have one and is the Smart app detecting it?

Hi Alex
MiHome connect smartapp does not detect the Mi|Home House Monitor, and despite adding this on the native ios app for Mi|Home. yes I do have the device.

Well I Took the plunge bought a starter kit contains hub 3 switches and remote, installed Alex lee smartapp and device handler and works like a charm, easiest setup I’ve ever done Kudos to Alex, will be buying more of the Mihome range as it’s cheap and easy to install.
All my Xmas lights are now connected to SmartThings/MiHome, I’ll wait till the January Sales and pick up some Motion Sensors and Door/window senors to add and possibly light switches and sockets…
Will Drop a Donation To you ALEX LEE for all your Hard Work.

Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year

Hi Alex
I found a MiHome House Monitor in my Christmas Stocking and finally got round to adding it. As lucky says it did not show up in MiHome smartapp.
I did some playing with your code and discovered it’s device type is ‘house’ not ‘monitor’ as one would expect (no mention of this device type in the API documentation that I could find) so a few added lines and it is showing up under the Monitor adaptors and recording usage as per the Monitor Adaptors.
I hope this will help you if you feel inclined to add it to your code.
Many thanks again for all your hard work.

Thanks for that. That was the missing link. Will add to the code within the next couple of days.


Hi, I’ve been keeping an eye on this thread for a while now as I had been considering getting a few of the miHome sockets as they are a lot better looking than having the ST adaptors sticking out of every socket.

Managed to get a few last week and finally got round to looking at the code. First of all, great work. Found it very simple to integrate and i have made some changes to add the additional handler for the sockets.

I DM you the code for you to have a look at and hope you will be able to integrate it into your next release.

Please DM your code and I shall merge it in. Many Thanks!