[OBSOLETE] Manage TV/Game Console Access for your kids


Would you like to set up a TV/Game access schedule for your kids?

Instead of arguing with your kids about turning off/on the TV/Game Console, you can now program it to turn on/off at specific times during the week.

Use cases:

  • You can easily limit the amount of TV/Game console time during the week to ensure that homeworks and studies get done.
  • For example, at my home, during the week, the TV linked to the console only turns on at 6h pm and shuts down at 7h30 pm. This ensures that all homeworks or chores are completed beforehand. Those schedule times were defined in consultation with the kids to avoid conflicts as much as possible.
  • Other access control parameters can be used such as weather conditions (raining/snowing, humidity index, min/max temperature thresholds).



  • Flexible schedule definition: you can define up to 12 schedules for your home (weekdays, evenings, nights, weekends, etc.)
  • For each schedule, ST users can define the start & end times for the kids’ TV or Game Console Access
  • You can set your schedules to run only for some ST hello modes (ex. ‘Away’, ‘Home’, ‘Night’, or your own customized hello modes)
  • For each schedule, you can define if the TV or Game Console Switch is also controlled by the weather conditions (ex. raining/snowing or minimum/maximum temperature or humidity thresholds may be additional criteria to turn on/off the TV/Game Console).
  • You can define a default behavior (ex. always on/off in general settings)
  • Multiple switches can be controlled at the same time!

The smartapp is available for download at:

If you do not know how to create a custom smartapp, please refer to

P.S. Technical support packages are also available (optional).


This sounds like a great help to a lot of families (or people who struggle with distractions and have little willpower).

One warning I would like to add to this is that you should really be careful when cutting the power to video game consoles.
Please make sure they are in an OFF state, and not a Sleep, Rest, Standby, etc state. Modern consoles have those types of states available so that they can still receive updates in the background even while the console isn’t in use.

Overall, a great addition to the SmartThings app list.

I have a PS4 at home and I use the smartapp to control the TV attached to the console… The same results can be achieved w/o shutting down the console itself…

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Here are some screenshots of the smartapp:

For more details, refer to


Available for download at my store: