[OBSOLETE] Lowes Iris and XFinity CentraLite keypad DTH + Apps

I was using SHM Delay v2. I’m trying the beta now but not having great results so I’ll post over there in the beta thread.

My keypad ran low on batteries so I swapped in two freshies (one at a time) and everything seems good except

  1. I forevermore see 0% battery… both the app and debugging in the IDE show a clear 0%. How do I get this to refresh/reset?
  2. The keypad doesn’t actually work anymore with Door lock code user management with notifications and automatic relock

These two things happened at the same time but might be unrelated, I’m not really a pro so I’m not sure. Any thoughts on what I can try next to debug this?

I have 0% on my 2 keypads as well! But, they still work.

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The latest keypad DTH release corrects this issue that was caused by a change to the ST Groovy language. More info is available in my SHM Delay SmartApp documentation Section 14

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Good to know! I actually updated my DTH before coming here to post… that didn’t fix things. We’re talking about Centralite Keypad by Mitch Pond, Zack Cornelius right?

That is correct.

I just realized I was not using the mitchpond DTH. I have it in my IDE and I did, in fact, update it before posting here, however I was actually using v01.02.01 of the RBoy DTH. I’ve now gone ahead and updated the actual DTH I’m using and I’ll see what happens!

I’m seeing odd debug logs that make me wonder if I need to re-sync the keypad… perhaps it somehow got half-disconnected when the batteries died?

If you’re using the Enhanced ZigBee DTH you need to use version 01.05.00 or newer to use with SHM Delay 2.0 and Lock User Management simultaneously.

Noted. I’m on the lates RBoy DTH and App for lock management. I am not using the SHM delay thing you speak of (at least not intentionally…?).

Whoops, my bad I think I mixed your post with another post. SHM Delay is another app by Arn and some folks like to use in conjunction with the user management app. Feel free to PM me for details.

For those experiencing problems with pairing the Iris keypads and having the network light continue to flash, here’s one solution that works for me.

After the initial pairing is successful, the network light will continue to blink. Disregard this for a moment, and exit device inclusion. Open the device in the mobile app to ensure that it’s sending Events to ST. This indicates that the keypad has paired successfully. Once events have been confirmed, press the tamper switch on the back 5 times. Within 1-2 seconds the network light will stop blinking and the keypad will remain connected.

I’ve successfully replicated this process on all 3 of my Iris keypads as part of migrating to the v3 hub.


I have this keypad but have not used it yet. I got it in a security pack that was on clearance for $38. What kinds of things can I do with this keypad? Looks like motion detection and then the buttons. Can the buttons be used like a remote? Anyway, I’m curious what it can be used for and it looks like there are a lot of smart people in this thread.

Assuming it is an Iris V2 or V3, or Centralite/Xfinity

With my smartapp SHM Delay V2.0 you can use it to arm and disarm SHM and create exit and entry delays. I think it’s about useless for a motion detector since you need to get within a few inches to trigger it, but better than nothing. Its main hardware purpose is to turn on the keypad’s lights. I also use pins to perform functions like turn on/off lights, open garage doors, execute a WebCore Piston etc

The keypad hardware pairing and SHM Delay smartapp both have substantial learning curves, so take your time.

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Couple of questions for you all; I’ve been using the Iris v2 keypad for quite a while:

  • Does anyone understand the beeps produced by the keypad when changing alarm modes? I always hear a bunch of different tones, but they seem random and inconsistent. Sometimes mutiple tones play one after another when I switch modes.

  • I have been playing around with device handlers and all of a sudden I get no “exit delay” tones. Happened to me last night, then all of a sudden they were back. Now it’s silent on exit delay again. Anything to look for?


I’m one of the unfortunate people that’s having to migrate from Iris to SmartThings. I’m trying to pair an Iris v2 keypad with a SmartThings v3 hub. I can get stage 1 of the pairing to work just fine (where it adds the device, reports motion and temp, etc.) but I can’t for the life of me get the second stage of the pairing to work where it’s a part of the alarm system and the green light on the keypad stops flashing. I’ve removed and reinstalled the device handler, I’ve left the device blinking for over 48 hours next to the hub, I’ve replaced the batteries, I’ve power-cycled the hub, I’ve tried the “tap 5 times” trick. I’m wondering if the v3 hub is the problem. Anyone have any insight?

This info was posted on theSHM Delay thread. You must be using the ST “Classic” app and have this DTH or Rboys (requires payment) DTH installed. Please post your results.

The only difference I’m seeing is that I’ve got a v2 hub instead of @davedolphinok’s v3. The complete process of pairing that worked for me can also be found here: [Release] SHM Delay Version 2.0

@arnb and @kroet, thanks for the quick replies! I tried entering in a random 4-digital code and pressing “arm.” The green radio light on the keypad is a solid green now, so I’m assuming it’s paired. However, I don’t see any difference in the app yet (when you tap into the device on the classic app, it’s blank where it’s supposed to show “off/arm/etc” and it’s also blank where it’s supposed to say the last update date and none of the tiles seem to work). But my goal is to set up SHM Delay now that the keypad seems paired. I’m guessing the app will respond as expected once SHM Delay is set up properly. Thanks again!

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I’m confused, what is the app?

As long as it turns off with the rest of the keypad lights all is well.

@arnb The “app” is just the SmartThings app on my iPhone. I’ll attach a screenshot on the keypad screen where it still shows blanks. I have SHM Delay installed but not configured yet. I wanted to get the keypad paired first.

Yes, the green radio light does turn off with the rest of the keypad lights. When you wave your hand, all the lights come on including the green radio light.