[OBSOLETE] Lowes Iris and XFinity CentraLite keypad DTH + Apps

Ok got it.

Yes, the keypad arm status and date time of last update should appear after setting up SHM Delay then arming/disarming the system.

That worked for me today

Are the files at the top of this thread from 2016 still valid? I have a IRIS Keypad I need to set up with a device handler and a delay utility of some sort. Thanks for any help !

Yes they are. But only if your using the CLASSIC Smartthings app.


I’ve been able to install the device handler, Lock User Management and SHM Routines, Notifications and Actions. I have the delays set at 30 seconds. The IRIS keypad works fine except that when turning the Alarm Away off from the keypad I get an instant alarm response. Is there anyway to disable the motion sensor so it doesn’t trigger an alarm?

Yes, in the Delay Profile set motion sensors for this question, then remove the sensors from SHM monitoring.

(Optional!) Ignore these Motion Sensors during exit delay, and when the Real Contact Sensor opens during entry delay. These sensors are monitored in Alarm State: Away (Remove from SmartHome Security Armed (Away) Monitoring)"

Thank you!


Thank you for your help. I’m afraid that I am going to need “progressive taxi instructions”.

The names used do not include Delay Profile or Motion Sensors. The Iris 3405-L Keypad shows up as a lock. I went into SHM Routines, Notifications and Actions for Armed (Away) Armed (Stay) and Disarmed. The alarm pretty much sounded anytime I walked close to the Keypad or opened a door, even if the Smart Home Monitor was set to disarmed. I’m setting it back to what I had as at least Armed (Stay) worked. I could really use some help here. Thank you!

These answers assume the Classic phone app is being used. Also please post followup questions in the SHM Delay 2.0 thread.

Should you be using Ethayer’s Lock Manager it cannot be used with the current version of SHM Delay for Keypad control. If you are using Rboys Lock Manager for the keypad, I’m unable to assist.

  • Install the suggested keypad DTH then, go into the IDE, click on the keypad device, edit, select the Centralite Keypad DTH, then save. The DTH link along with additional instructions are found in Section 15 of the SHM Delay 2.0 documentation The keypad may complete pairing with the hub when this is accomplished. If not you may need to remove and re pair it with the hub. The keypad will not function with your current DTH
  • That is bizzare! :scream:

  • Please verify Smart Home Monitor settings for home is unoccupied, and home is occupied as follows:

    1. Use every open/close sensor (and motion sensor / but use no motion) is off!
    2. The door contact sensor defined in the delay profile is not in the Select Sensors list.
    3. The simulated contact sensor in the delay profile is defined in the Select Sensors list
    4. The keypad is not in the Motion Sensors list
    5. Should a motion sensor be defined in a delay profile it is not defined in the Motion Sensors list.
  • After completing these changes, retry your system by following the instructions in the SHM Delay 2.0 documentation

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Yes that’s correct, The Enhanced ZigBee Keypad Lock DTH is a dual role Keypad + Lock DTH. This allows you to use it with other Lock/User Management SmartApps like LUM, RLA, SmartLocks etc AND also use it with keypad specific apps like SHM Delay 2.0.
If you’re using the Classic ST app you’ll be able to see all the button/tiles for the Keypad + Lock, but if you’re using the new ST app, currently it will only show you the Lock buttons and battery but the functionality is not impaired in any way.

This link is no longer valid. I was trying to reinstall my keypads. Do you recall how to do a Factory reset?

https://support.irisbylowes.com/link/portal/30143/30206/Article/542/Next-Gen-Iris-Security-Keypad-with-Next-Gen 84

Hi all,
I’m trying to do something interesting in webcore with this Certralite 3400-X keypad I recently got my hands on. I’ve got an eletric lock on my gate and a garage opener. Both are already SmartThings enabled, just simple switches is all. My goal is to use the same keypad to activate the two different devices, depending on what code was entered. So, poolguy gets one code which buzzes him into the gate (a pushbutton on the other side opens it going back out, and Presto I got a log of when he was here and how long) The other code would be for myself and wifey to open the garage.

So, I got the DTH and Smartapp installed and they’re working… sort of. There are two seperate challenges I am trying to overcome:

ONE: As I’m not keen on having to arm/disarm the keypad every time I need to open something, I figured I could just make a webcore piston which would just re-arm the keypad after a delay. The logic is rather simple;

if keypad’s armMode changes to disarmed
with gate’s switch
turn on
wait 10 seconds
turn off
with keypad do
setArmedAway(); <---- this is one of the custom commands the DTH provides

And it works fine, the first time you cycle through. Initially armedAway with a red status led, entering a correct code disarms the keypad and turns the led green , sits for the 10 sec, then turns red again. The armMode changes back to armedAway as expected.

However doing it one more time is where the wheels come off the cart. The keypad seems to be ‘stuck’ in armedAway mode, i.e. armMode won’t go back to disarmed after having been set programmatically using the command for it. If I should wager a guess, there’s something not being updated correctly by the DTH when calling the setArmedAway(); command.

TWO: The other issue I’m pondering, how does one ask the DTH which correct code was entered? Okay, if worst comes to the worst, I could live with a single-purpose keypad, yet I was hoping to get something useful out of the codeReport attribute, yet if I query it, it only returns an empty string?

Anyone doing something similar and/or figured this out?

SHM Delay Section 11 supports pins for executing routines or pistons that do not change the arming state.

That’s awesome. I’m going to setup the repo tomorrow and give it a try! Thanks!!!

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If you have some light Groovy Language skills take a look at this simple module I use with my keypads.

I apologise if this has already been covered, but I was wondering if this DTH works with v3 Iris keypads?

As far as I know it does not work with the Iris V3. The reason is the device does not send any pins when arming, and I’ve never had one available to play with. RBoy apps has a paid for working DTH for this device.

I have an Xfinity 3400-X keypad. Everything works well with SHM Delay except that when I arm using something other than the keypad and THEN disarm using the keypad, the keypad armed icon light doesn’t go off until I enter the PIN a second time, even though the alarm is already disarmed. Tried to go through all this documentation and settings but no luck. Hope I am being clear! Thanks!

Please create or correct the Modefix Profile. See Section 12 of the SHM Delay documentation

Should that not fix it, please followup in the SHM Delay thread

Recently I am experienced an issue. After a power outage around my area, I reconnected 3405-L to smartthings. The network indicator light was blinking after everything was setup.

I used to stop the blinking light by a method which was to enter 4-digit code then hit OK. However, it’s not working anymore.

Does anyone know how to fix the issue or any suggestion that I can update the handler code to stop the light? Thank you very much.

Note: Current version was from @arnb 's ARNBME/SHMDelay (Version2)