[OBSOLETE] IKEA Tradfri RGB Bulbs (ZigBee with "CIE xy" color scheme)

I took these from the implementation of some sample DH (cannot recall which one). ST API documentation is not quite well maintained, I think…

Thanks for the info, much appreciated. Nice UI btw, and yes the horizontal slider looked much better in the maintile then the new vertical.

Went to Paramus, NJ location today. No RGB Tradfris… First world problems.

I have an RGB Tradfri bulb, and this DH works well, however, if i physically turn the bulb off and on again it comes on with a bright, warm white light, and dims and switches like that using Tradfri buttons, a Tradfri dimmer puck and a Phillips Hue dimmer switch (via webCoRE)

The problem arises once I’ve set a colour… I can’t find a way to get back to the mode it starts in, and warm white selected as a colour won’t go anywhere near as bright (at 100%) as it is on first startup.

I’ve had a look at some RGBW device handlers to see if i can work out what to add to maybe make this work but all i did was confuse myself. Any suggestions?

I don’t have any solution but I wanted to say that I’ve noticed the same thing. The different white colors in the color picker all turn out too colored and dull. Would be great if anyone could come up with a solution.

added the bulb in and works fine within smart things… but is there anyway to get the remote to work also with it so i have manual control. just on and off would be enough.

tried all the things i can think of but nothing :frowning:

Yes, You need to pair the remote with smartthings first - it will show up as a “thing”, then, without resetting the remote pair it with the bulb too by doing the long button press with the remote right next to the bulb. You should then have control of on, off and dimming but not colour switching.

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I’m having more issues with this. trying to set colours with WebCore doesn’t seem to work. I can get it to turn on and off fine, and dim fine but it just will not change colour when required. It does sometimes change when it feels like it.

Voice commands to change colour work fine with google and alexa so i’m not sure why WebCore isn’t playing nicely. I’m trying to use colours to alert to events.

Took too much to reply: sorry about this.

I have left SmartThings platform “in favour” of OpenHab, as my ZigBee network had become mostly unusable after the last hub firmware upgrades and app changes. It’s a pity, as it seemed promising, but there are several “missed promises” on ST platform and I could not just wait till somebody in ST decided to fix those… even years after saying it was on their roadmap (i.e. Multiple Endpoints), or “real” local execution support (when they announced Hub v2 supporting local execution they did not say it was a future feature, and even now there is no way to move your custom drivers or applications to local, which for me is a no-go, seeing the poor functionality of the locally supported ones).

So now I have no way to test any changes, and I won’t be able to test / fix any issues with this device driver. Normally ST people should support STANDARD Zigbee XY color scheme or multiple endpoint devices, and include it in their locally running DHs (if it is not too much asking for… which I think it is)


Does this DH work with the third version of ST?
I copied the code and published it but whenever I try to “Add device” from the app my ST doesn’t find the bulb.
Anyone knows what can be the cause?

Anything new on the TRÅDFRI RGB bulb? I have a bunch of other TRÅDFRI bulbs but recently bought the first RGB since I specifically wanted a red light as a night light for the stair case but unfortunately I hae some issues with this DTH and the different smart apps/scenes

Smart lighting: None of the “white” presets are warm, they are all very cool and green/blueish. The Red, which I specifically needed is not red, its pink/purple (setting red manually in the “Thing”-screen works fine but in Smart Lighting, red is not red)

Scenes, constantly fail to set brightness AND color. I thought that scenes would be a workaround by setting a scene in the smart lighting instead of setting the state of a specific bulb since scene allows the color picker. But scenes constantly fail

So for the moment I can’t find a way to use the bulb to be RED 10% during the night, warm white 20% during mornings and evenings, and 50% white during the day when needed.

Any suggestions? Skip TRÅDFRI? :wink:

The RGBW Trådfri is on the list for local execution with the next hub firmware, so I assume that means it works out of the box now.

Oh, that’s good news! Thx, might have to keep it until the release then :smiley:

Would there be any idea of investigating why the scenes struggle to set both color and level or should I just wait? (I have more understanding of the issue with the smart lighting app can’t match color, than the scenes not working)

quietly glances around There might be something coming. :wink:

Also, hat-tip to @puzzle-star for doing a lot of the foundation work on this.

AS a new SmartThings user would love some help. Where can I find a list of devices that works outside of the box. I use both the new and old app. Old app to set parameters and what not. Now I just paired Tradfri bulbs to hue hub and used that with st but I added 4 Tradfri outlet yesterday and that is paired directly to st on another zigbee channel. Would love the increased mesh with the bulbs and outlets together.

Would love two add my two Trådfri bulbs directly to st. Is there a timeframe when this firmware will be available? :slight_smile:

I can see that it is recognized as a “ZLL RGB Bulb” and it kind of works, but the red is not really showing (it becomes pinkish)… Any ideas?

I think the colors of the ikea bulb just aren’t very deep.

But with the custom DTH the red is properly red, so it’s not about the bulb itself…

Interesting! I had never tried the custom DTH.

Which app are you using to pick the color? Try in the new one, then you will see how it jumps to other color than what you picked.

In the old app, the top right corner of the color picker gives red. Top left corner gives purplish. With the ZLL RGB Bulb DH.