[OBSOLETE] IKEA Trådfri Bulb Device Type

I forgot to mention that i renamed the repo to a more on-point name.
You might need to delete the device handler you already have, i noticed that it did not understand that it had changed when i still had the old device handler locally.


Edvald, not sure if the new Repo name is working as I can’t see the files at all as New on my mobile. Will check when I get home again from my laptop.

Sorry, all good! Was checking under SmartApps on the IDE, not Device Handlers. Thank you for sorting!

Hey I’m a total noob at the smartThings Dh process

I have some new IKEA bulbs
Got my ST hub to see it in the app but got stuck at please wait.

Went to the IDE and couldn’t figure out how to add it since it was not listed as a thing I could add. Also IKEA doesn’t provide any zigbee ID type info so feel like I’ve kinda hit a wall.

Is there a link or video that will help me with this ?

Sorry for the noob questions since you’ve put a lot into Helena Inc others that are a bit further along on the ST learning curve

Many thanks in advance

Hello Edvald,
Smartthings Noob here. I came to your thread because I have just bought an Ikea bulb. I was looking to use your DTH for it, but I have the 1000 lumen non color adjustable. I read that your handler doesn’t work for that bulb, but I cannot get the bulb to work with ST. It comes up as Unknown Thing, and then I can’t do anything with it. I have searched the forums and not found much love for the non color adjustable bulb.
Can you help point me in the right direction to a thread on how to get this to work with the ST hub. If that isn’t possible could you give me some pointers on modifying your handler. I’m new to DTHs, but not to programming so I think I could modify one given some pointers on things like fingerprints and getting the DTH to recognize the Ikea bulb type.

Thank you in advance.


Take a look at this post, it explains it quite well, you can also add my github repo in the ST IDE but it requires you to have a github account as far as i understood it.

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Given that its only a dimmable light then you should be able to use the “ZigBee Dimmer” dth, there is no point in using the dth that i made since that is for color temperature bulbs.


You can use Edvald’s DTH for the non-temp bulb (I have and it works) and if you buy more including the temp ones you can have consistency in the ST app across the different bulbs which makes it easier for some :wink:

Just to say this worked a treat - thanks again for your extra effort to get this sorted - if you do ever update this in the future, we’ll now all know!

If you’re ever around Manchester, UK, I owe you a beer.

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Thank you, was in the process of figuring that out when your reply came in.
One bulb wasn’t responding to anything, but I got the other one paired and
working with ZLL dimmable bulb.
Now to get the first bulb working.

Quick query, do I need the ikea hub for these bulbs to connect to st, or can they connect directly?


The Bulbs can be connect directly by first getting the hub in “listen” mode (click “Add a Thing” in the app) and then turning the bulb on/off rapidly 5 times (I think, or was it 6?).

(Edit: unclear instructions)

@Mario_Fuchs thanks for the info. In ikea and the bulbs r in stock, figured i’d give it a go :blush:

Yep - 6 times.

Just make sure the hub is not too far away from the bulb that you’re trying to pair - once it’s paired you can increase the distance (and the bulbs do act as zigbee LL repeaters), but that first pair needs to be 30 cm to 1 m distance.

I had a problem using the electronic switch that I have on the lights that I’ve got, so I’ve resorted to rotating them on and off that six times (this is for the GU10 bulbs, but I’m assuming it’ll work for any fitting).

Definately don’t need the Ikea hub, as I have 6 of them paired directly to the Smartthings Hub - am working on getting the remote working, but it’s all about finding that time!


Just don’t buy the 1000 lumen ones, they are only dimmable, they don’t support changing the color temperature

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@Keith_Spragg, @Edvald. @Mario_Fuchs Lights showed up perfectly shortly after the 6th (I think I did 7) on off.

On simple testing working fine so far. I got a pair of GU10’s :slight_smile:

Thanks for the information which got me to try them out.


No worries - still the biggest thanks should go to @Edvald, who wrote the Device Handler to make it work in the first place!

Hi, using this and working fine with my ikea bulbs, however is there anyway that smartthings can read the scene / brightness etc from a Hue Bulb and react with the Ikea bulbs.? I have the Hue dimmer and would love to program one of the 16 slots to turn on the ikea bulbs (table lamps), so maybe if hue bulbs at 30% brightness smartthings turn on ikea bulbs?

I can get smartthings to turn on the bulbs if I turn on a master hue bulb via the smartthings app (the ikea bulbs follow) but it won’t work with Hue turning the master on either through the Hue app or the Hue dimmer switch.

Absolutely - using CoRe you can do this, but even when using a better Hue handler (Hue B Smart is my preferred option) there’s a 1-5 minute delay in the Ikea bulbs following the switch, which isn’t ideal at all and there’s not much of a way around this as the Hue bulbs don’t push to ST.

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I see the “automation” rule I setup does actually turn on the ikea bulbs from the status of Hue bulbs (turned on by Hue Dimmer Switch), just it took the 5ish minutes you pointed out…