[OBSOLETE] Hue Motion Sensor (beta) (no hue bridge)

So as you have found out it looks like there is a 10ft limit on these sensors, despite Philps claiming “15ft” range. I did a couple different tests to confirm this. The location in my office was about 11-12ft from the sensor, hence why there was issues.

Now I wonder if there was a firmware update that Philps put out to fix any issues, I could not find anything regarding firmware updates for the motion sensors. If anyone that has a Hue hub and these sensors can confirm or test if there was ever in fact a firmware update, I would appreciate it.

I have been using the sensor for 4 months using the DH from @Stephen_McLaughlin. Thanks for the DH. For the last 5 days, the sensor stopped working. It does not report anything to ST. It does show the motion detected (the red light glows), but nothings gets reported back to the hub.

I tried resetting it, and finally removed the device from the system. Now I am not able to add it back after following all the steps needed. Removing battery, pressing reset button etc. ST doesn’t report any event while trying to join. Any help is appreciated.

Not sure this would work but maybe remove the hue motion device handler from graph.ide them restart process from scratch.

Anyone have issue with the Lux reporting? Seems like it does not update unless I hit the refresh button in the Smartthings mobile app for that device, which is making it useless for turning on lights based on lux. It also seems to update when there is motion, but that still does not help.

That did really work. Thanks for the suggestion @Smartphi

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I don’t use lux sensor maybe I’ll start. Any way in regards to your refresh there’s Pollster or Watchdog app you can use to auto refresh for you in the specified interval you need.



Thanks I will take a look at these options.

I did notice that some lux value is shown but its much lower until I refresh the device. I also wonder if I can just use Webcore to refresh also.

Now, the DH isn’t working. It worked before without issues. Now getting the following errors. Temperature and Luminance doesn’t update.

7:52:27 AM: warn Luminance REPORTING CONFIG FAILED- error code:134
7:52:19 AM: warn TEMP REPORTING CONFIG FAILED- error code:134
7:52:05 AM: error java.lang.NumberFormatException: null @ line 323

After the initial messages, the device stops reporting motion as well.

Debugging to see if I can fix it.

Lux used to work well for me before I got into the recent issue. I never used it to trigger anything, but when motion happens, used the Lux value to determine if I need to turn on the light or not, which worked well.

This sound fine but how would Webcore work. Would the order of detection events in the piston matter in this case. So I would have the piston detect motion first and then detect lux value?

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That is what I did with CoRE.

Okay, I will test this. Thanks.

Any help on these errors are appreciated. I am not getting anywhere trying to fix this. Tried, removing and connecting back multiple time with the same behavior.

Make sure you hold the reset button for at least 20 seconds and the battery pull is not needed. This seems to work for me. Otherwise you might have a bad sensor.

Thanks @raidflex. Your suggestion seems to have worked. I never tried holding it that long. It got connected even with custom DH in place and recognized the sensor properly. Let me see how stable this is. Thanks again.

I have the same issue as ramki_cmc. I have disconnected and reconnected the problematic sensors several times without lasting success. Three of my five Hue sensors stopped reporting to the hub after a few months of good use. Any pointers would be welcome.

Thank you for the DH code! I am successfully using a sensor in my mud room to flip the light on when motion is detected and shut it off after 1 minute. Seems to be working fine.

I have to say though, going forward I would only buy and use the Multisensor 6 sensors. I have three of those around my house and outside and they work great. I was out for retail therapy one night and decided to replace my bulbs throughout the house with Hue bulbs. Bought about 20 white and color bulbs. Not sure why I bought these 2 Phillips motion sensors so very happy you created this Handler.

Consequentially, now I have discovered that the bulbs do not work with these Lutron dimmer switches I was using and have had to order some Lutron remotes to put in the wall to replace the Lutron dimmer switches. This is turning out to be some VERY expensive retail therapy for me.

Has anyone tried measuring the range on this sensor both paired to Hue bridge, and then paired to the Smarthings hub?

I`ve lost connection with my motion sensors.
Is it possible to re-add without deleting the “Thing” ??

The motion sensors are included in WebCore pistions and other smart rules, so I really hope I dont have to add a new “Thing”…

remove the batteries and put back in, should solve the issue.