[OBSOLETE] Hue Dimmer Switch (ZHA) (beta) (no hue bridge)

Hi, finally works of I add directly to something to use it with webcore? Thanks.

If i add it to hue bridge and the bridge to smartthing…can I use the dinner with webcore to do routines?

I have a DTH for Hue Dimmer which has a setting so you can choose to return on,up,down,off or 1,2,3,4

It was designed to work with ABC controller which needs button numbers.

Paulsheldon/ SmartThings-PS

The latest version of ABC controller supporting the Hue button is also in this repositary


Hi. Forgive me if this has been answered but I’m struggling. I have added the Hue Dimmer and it asks me to name it. Then all it does is “please wait” I read that I may need to change the ‘type’ in the IDE which I have but non of the ones I have tried give all the options this DTH should have. Any suggestions?

Anyone have any ideas where I’m going wrong?

I’d like to use this as a regular button without ABC but the device handler by itself doesn’t show button mappings like the SmartThings button or Aeotec or Ikea etc. do

see here:

Sorry to drag up an old thread, I had a few of these dimmers prior to purchasing smartthings, I have read this full thread and a few others regarding this particular dimmer. I managed to get the dimmer switches to pair by changing the model number to in the device handler to ’ RWL021’ I have also set allow unsecure join to true as another member posted in the thread reporting that this should stop it from dropping offline but I dont seem to have the same success no matter what I try.

When paired the dimmer swtich drops offline within 5 minutes within the new smart things app, if you press any button it will flash red, taking the battery out and in seems to bring them back online, you dont need to reset and repair, the odd time if you walk around with the dimmer pressing the buttons it will also come back online by itself.

I was wondering if anyone ever got round the issue with them dropping offline?

I added the device handle from the code, Smartthings detected a Thing which I edited to a Hue Dimmer Switch but that don’t seems to work still (only one button found and not configurable)

I already have one Hue dimmer connected directly to ST hub. But I cannot work out how to add a new one directly to ST in the new app. I seem to only have the option via Brand.
Can someone walk me thru it thanks.

Ahhh manged to add it via the “Scan Nearby” under add device.

My original Hue Dimmer is still working directly with ST.
The two new one I have just added look ok in the app, however, NO Automations, Smart Lighting or ABC do anything at all. I can see the presses in the IDE but the lights or switches dont activate (even the ones that work with the original).
As far as I can tell from the IDE they are set up identically, same device handler, same ABC Smartapp, same dimmer revision.
I must be missing something somewhere.
Any suggestions??

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I just bought the dimmer as well. What finally made it work for me is to open the dimmer device itself (on the phone app), click the 3 dots in the top right, click “Settings”, then turn on the toggle for “Button Names - Use 1,2,3,4”.

Hope this fixes it for you as well!

Well - thanks for that, it worked for me also.
The first time I have found settings useful !
Pretty certain didnt do that for the first dimmer I up some time ago.

Slightly off topic. My hue bulb is paired directly to smartthings without bridge and works fine. Is it possible to also pair it with dimmer switch, control through ST app & the dimmer switch?

No you need a hub

Yes you can connect dimmer switch to ST hub, and if bulb is paired to ST hub, your can control bulb with dimmer switch. You can use ABC smart app to map button actions

Guys:have you thought what will happen to Hue Dimmer switch integration once the Samsung IDE will be closed? I have seven of these and finally they are working great (no drop, no lags). What will happen after IDE withdrawn? :tired_face:

They have been saying about getting rid of the IDE for years, the day that this happens I will be leaving ST for ZHA.

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I have tried with the edge driver but after a week the dimmer stopped responding. I’ve tried multiple times to remove and re add still no luck.
Any help would be appreciated?

THIS is what made it work for me. The code at the start of this thread gave errors. THANKS!