[OBSOLETE] Hue B Smart (Smart and FAST Hue Lighting)

I have a v1 Hue Hub, but there’s nothing about that functionality in the Philips Hue API documentation.

UPDATE: there’s also nothing like that in the scene data from a v2 scene created in the CLIP API Debugger. Buuuuut - v2 scenes have an “appdata” parameter in which I could store on/off state. Bottom line is that I will do it, but after the functions I’m working on now.

Ok…I run off mostly from my Android phone. I just tested removing / adding a bulb on my iPad and…lo and behold it didn’t update like it does on my Android - which indicates that its an iOS app bug. I’ll see if there’s a workaround.

Any chance you can change the status of the Hue Bridge listed in the Things section from “Hue Bridge” to “Online”?

Not sure what you mean. If it was offline, the app wouldn’t see it.

Thanks. Not a big deal, I got all of the bulbs added and the real functionality of the smart app is working great so far.

it is only a suggestion - changing the “Hue Bridge” to a status of “Online”


Same on this page, change the Hub Bridge to Online. Also, the directional arrow circled, leads to no where, loops back to same page.

How often does it pull?

Right now, it pulls every 15 mins. I’ll make this configurable.

Removing a bulb:
f51c1aa4-58d8-4839-9aed-040a97fb0ce8 11:59:58 AM: error groovy.lang.MissingPropertyException: No such property: errorText for class: script1477229938612131361950 @ line 431

Removing a scene:
f51c1aa4-58d8-4839-9aed-040a97fb0ce8 11:54:55 AM: debug Does scene [id:N9ZR38uvdhwepB6, lights:[1, 3, 6, 7, 8], name:Test, type:scene] have a schedule using it? scheduleId = null
f51c1aa4-58d8-4839-9aed-040a97fb0ce8 11:54:55 AM: debug adding scene [id:N9ZR38uvdhwepB6, lights:[1, 3, 6, 7, 8], name:Test, type:scene]. Are lights assigned? lights = [1, 3, 6, 7, 8]
f51c1aa4-58d8-4839-9aed-040a97fb0ce8 11:54:55 AM: debug Adding N9ZR38uvdhwepB6

Both logs are the same as @Michael_D. I am also running this on a iOS device. When I try it on an Android emulator on my PC it works fine. Both hubs are V2

Thanks, so is it equivalent I just use a core Piston to hit refresh? Or do you use some more internal, efficient implementation?

That should work. Or use Pollster smartapp.

cool, thanks!

Switched over last night all working great on multiple bridges :slight_smile:

What are quick fixes? I try to add them but can’t due to not having a device handler for them but there isnt one on your github

Quick Fixes - it’s my attempt to integrate schedules from the Hue Hub. I use a Hue Hub schedule to restore the light state (color/hue/saturation/level) of a scene after a physical switch off–>on within 1 second. It offloads the processing to the Hue Hub and it Restores the light state faster than ST can. Haven’t released the DTH yet.

Does this work along with hue connect? Or do I need to delete all my bulbs and my bridge to make itstrong text happend?

You need to delete your current setup and install the smartapp and the associated device type handlers.

Install yesterday and all seems good so far. Only issue I have run into was trying to setup a core piston with 2 x hue White Ambiance and a ST Motion sensor which didn’t work, started off only turning one light on and would not turn them off after a wait time. But this could be a Core issue rather than Hue B Smart.

Keep up the good work! And let me know your thoughts on the Core issue.


If you are still having problems, could you send me Piston and IDE log?


I’ve not installed this yet and will probably wait until V1.1 just because it’s a PITA re-configuring bulbs… but looking forward to using it!

I do have a question though and suspect it’s not possible… but is there any way to pass a scene change from Hue to ST or does your app do this already?

Basically I have a Hue Tap and Remote and I’m writing a HA app from the ground up to do very many things, but ideally I’d like to stop some of the automatons if it detects that a scene has been set by the Hue Tap or dimmer… Even with latency from Hue this would be better than nothing! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the app. Love the way the scenes/groups work, but I do have 2 questions:

  1. after setting a scene to group(2) I have to follow it with a “using group “Bathroom” Refresh” to show the true status of “bathroom” is there a better way for now?

  2. Can you not set multiple parameters to have a scene turn on multiple groups? I figured applytogroup(2, 3) would work, but I have to apply to 2, wait one second, then apply to 3. Is there a more elegant way?

Thanks again