[OBSOLETE] Garden Hue: New smartapp to change hue color on a cycle or random, sunset to sunrise

no problem.

is possible to add the feature (or option) to turn on from XXXX time to YYYY time (fixed time)?
Instead using sunset or sunrise

Just schedule that with any smart app such as smartlighting as long as it is enable as soon as the light(s) turn on it will start working. It will still turn off next sunrise as set .

I get “unexpected error” when trying to control Sylvania Lightify by Osram - smart home connected LED Light Bulb 65W BR30 - RGBW Color Changing Bulb with Garden Hue app in ST. Any reason why this bulb would not work?

Foes the bulb work by itself and via smartlighting.

yes- works with DH and can be controlled with Smart Lights by ST

Love the idea of this app!

I just added this to my smart apps, but it seems to only run through the cycle once, very fast, and then stops? Im I missing something?


Whatvfo unlearn fobyoybhave it on random or something else

I think you are asking if I have it set to have random turned on? I have tested both with and without random turned on. Also: isint random just for picking random colors?

I have tested it many times now. I enable the app, turn on the lights, and they start changing. But after 4-5 color changes they stop.

you will need top ost the logs of both the smartapp and the light device… my guess is that you have some other automation turning the light off.

Is it any way to use this app during the day time? I could not find any offset settings on the setting page. Thank you for your answers.

if it is enabled just turn on the lights. It will start working.

Hey there all, Quick question, Hopefully im just being dumb, but I cannot get this to work for me. I’m adding the app in My Smart Apps. Owner “lgkahn”, Name “Garden-Hue”, Branch “master”, but Im not pulling the app in. What am I doing wrong?


So I’m having a problem. The app never lets the lights shut off. I have the app stopping at sunrise -3hrs and the lights set to turn off at sunrise(This was in place in smartlightinjg before adding the Garden Hue app). When I get up the lights are still on and cycling. If I try turning them off manually they come right back on and cycle like crazy for a bit then go into the set cycling time.

Anyone have this issue? Any clue how to make sure my lights turn off?

They the scheduling in the all instead of smart lighting. Also smart lighting can be failing. If the lights (all off them ) don’t turn off correctly or turn off within your cycling time
The app will turn them all back on if it finds one of them on when the next cycle time hits. Check the logs on each individual light . My guess is.one is not turning if correctly.

I got it. Thank you.

I would be interested in Scheduling this, or even pegging it to a routine. Any ideas?

K so I can remove my Smart Lighting off schedule, What about on? Also not needed?


How do I down load this app in smartthings to use with my newly installed Osram lightify Lights? I am new to all of this and I am looking to control my Lights through ST app instead of the Osram hub and want to be able to have the colors change.


Im trying this on 2 lightify strips and it all works great except when selecting holiday mode.
The lights fall out of sequence. One strip seems to follow the colors selected and the other does what it wants for color when random mode is off. when random mode is on the colors work but the strips get out of sync.

Can you help me figgure out why?

Do you have “control each light color off” if on it will act as you say using the colors you enable but each .light can have a different color from the set. If off all get the same color from the set…