[OBSOLETE] Garden Hue: New smartapp to change hue color on a cycle or random, sunset to sunrise

Also update the firmware. The lights I had worked like crap with older firmware. Missing commands.

I’m.wondering the same thing. I have the same lights.

Ok, new here. Maybe it’s just me, but I get an error at line 47 when pasting this in. I don’t see an error, the code looks right based on my limited experience with code. Any help would be great.

Just installed this code and it is installed. It is showing up in MyApps but, when I go to Save my settings I am getting “An unexpected error occurred”. How do I see or is there a way to see the error or what is causing the error message?

Can you update the app to disable notifications? one color every 10min, that’s 70 notifications per night. Even when I turn off sound from iOS’s notification setting, it is still very annoying. Don’t want to turn off all ST notifications altogether, as some of them are important.

And, during the day, when I turned on a light thru ST or Hue mannually, this app also kicks in itself. How do I disable that? I don’t want to disable it manually every time. Doesn’t the app claim to only start at sunset by default? Then why does it kick in anytime during the day?

As far as notifications go you have to select no in the app. I thought leaving it blank was ok but it has a no option

Thanks. Solved the notifications part.

Now this app gets worse. It is supposed to stop at sunrise, but it didn’t this morning. It did stop yesterday, not today. I also have the ST built-in Sunset/Sunrise configured. I read thru “recently”. Looks like the ST built-in Sunset/Sunrise did its job properly and turned off the light at 6:11AM (i had it consigured off, 58min before Sunrise). But then as soon it it is off at 6:11AM, the Garden app forced it on. Not only that, it actually kept running for the day AND didn’t stop when it is supposed to (I had Garden configured off 1hr before Sunrise which is supposed to be a few minutes after the ST built-in Sunset/Sunrise).

Then I discovered it was still on and running at 10AM, I manually turned it off. But a few minutes later, the app kicked in itself and turned on and kept running. I had to manually turn it off again. But then the app started itself again. I turned it off again, and this time, the zombie finally gave it a rest.

Also, I found that when this app is runnung, my Hue app (not ST) always says the light is “unreachable”, even after the app stopped running. It becomes reachable only after several minutes after the app stops

Anyone experience the same?

This app has too many glitches…

This was working perfectly until either I changed the only colors to red, white and blue or the emergency firmware push Samsung did recently. It now randomly goes through all colors even through they aren’t checked.

Working fine for me. Make sure your

settings are as follows:

Revisited app
Holiday or indiv. Color contol ONLY works in random mode.

3.0 works great! In an earlier version I couldn’t get it to let me disable notifications for some reason, but this one works like a charm.
Is there any reason that it still throws white into the randomizer when I have it disabled in the app?

random does all colors unless you also turn on allow enable/disable for each color and then only turn on the colors you want.

I did that, but may be I need to give it a sec to update.

maybe an off by one error in the app i will test with only 2 colors and no white. white is the last in the array so it is a possibility

I did find a bug version 3.1 posrted, but it had nothing to do with white coming on. It had to do with controlling each light (if you have multiple lights) individually even when that option was not enabled. It happened when you had enable each color option on. A comparsion was = instead of ==.

I cannot repro your problem i turned on two colors include the rasberry right before white and white never came on.

I am experiencing a bug in 3.1; Light never tuned off on sunrise ; is there I am missing any configuration

bug in the smartthings environment… didnt turn off here either … working again now… support is non existant. i reported a bug in dimmer device types no longer working in alexa and they are trying to blame alexa.

I added Virtual Switch to turn off and on and use smartthing automation rules from Sunset to Sunrise ; that worked perfectly

Does your Virtual Switch enable/disable the smart app?

I can’t get my lights to turn off. I created a virtual switch, included all the lights then tried both an automation and the smart lighting smart app to turn on and off. The issue is the lights turn right back on after the turn off command.

Any tips?