[OBSOLETE] Fan and Light 4 Button Remote Controller with Fade

This is a fairly rigid smart app I wrote to replicate the behavior of a fan controller I have that uses RF to operate the fan and light. I have a few of these in my house and wouldn’t replace those switches with GE z wave ones until I could replicate the remote control. Something like this:

The light can only be a dimmable one as that will be the only choice you can pick from.

This Smartapp has a manger and child app. Install both apps but only publish the manager from from github:

Owner: flyerdp
Name: flyerdp-SmartThings

The Master app is called: Fan with Light Kit Button Controller with Fade Manager
The Child app is called: Fan with Light Kit Button Controller with Fade Child

I wrote and tested this with an aeon 4 button minimote and an iris 4 button FOB. I have a GE Dimmer for the light and a GE fan controller (dimmer) running the fan.

Choose the remote, light switch and fan switch.

Assign buttons to turn the light on or off and fan on or off.

The light on will fade up if held then released and light off will fade down if held then released. Tap the light button to stop the fade. The same goes for the fan and only works with a 3 speed fan, Low, Med, High.

To get a reasonable speed fade is a bit of a PITA without millisecond based sleeps/runin so I had to improvise. Its not perfect but if it does you some good, enjoy. I will entertain requests to modify if/when I have time. The code needs to be cleaned up a bit but I am leaving it for now for testing.

A couple of issues I have noted with the GE switches is that the fade to on takes a few seconds to report it is complete so going to a fade up or down right after powering on might not happen if you try to soon and it hasnt reported as “on” yet…

Cell Camera white balance trying to keep up with light fading in video: