[OBSOLETE] CoopBoss is certified! Chicken coop door controller for SmartThings

Nice!!! All you need now is for the “draw bridge” to raise and even an army will have trouble getting on the island, LOL.


Thanks @JohnR - Much appreciated. It looks like our coops are about the same distance from the house - at least taking a visual guess. The lights having limited range is not much of a surprise, I guess. I was thinking it would give me just a little indication of range before I went full-in on the C.B. Our hub is 10’ from the rear exterior wall (french doors) but we have a brick & stick house, so I just wanted to make absolutely sure we could get a signal out there before committing 100%.

And thanks! Yes, I did see Rod’s CoopBoss Install the other day and actually had the h-channel page still open in my browser. That’s pretty slick and will work great in our case. We have a 4x12 coop with 2 doors that empty into a fenced area (we have some neighbors who don’t care for animals, unfortunately). I’ll try a C.B. on one of the doors and see how that works out. Thanks a bunch!

I have been testing integration with the Amazon Echo and worked up a little demo:

Here is thread on the details: Two Roosters, Two Coops, and girl named Alexa


That is REALLY awesome!!

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Thanks! We use it every day!! Here is a little write up I did on it: Two Roosters, Two Coops, and girl named Alexa

I’m your latest customer for coopboss. I live in the suburbs and my HOA allow chickens. Some of my neighbors have llamas. So chickens are fine. I am a beginner, these chickens came from the kids hatching eggs for school. So I’m a real noobie. I am not getting up to open the door. So I bought the coopboss. On the feeding, read somewhere that chickens should not be over fed. I.E., 0.3 lbs of feed a day per chicken, If I put a 30lb bucket of feed for them “all you can eat”, will that be over-feeding? If it is then I will need to ration the feed daily. An auger in a drain pipe comes to mind… Coopboss can turn on the auger when the door opens each morning to dispense a daily ration of feed. Can someone please advise? The water will be “all you can drink”. I plan on using the “cup-float” rather than the nipple.
I am also thinking of the orbit predator system to spray water on coyotes, etc… Wish I can do that with coopboss too but I think there’s no more GPIO left.


Chin Lee

PS. Have you figured out how to automate the egg-collection :wink:

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Welcome to the CoopBoss family! I’m not an expert on feeding chickens but I did ask my wife and she said the chickens won’t overgraze to the point of being sick unless they are meat chickens. Meat chickens are bread to eat and get big fast and they will eat and eat and you may have to keep an eye on them if that is what you have. She has egg layers maybe someone else can chime in on meat chickens. Otherwise she said the only problem with putting that much food out at once is it may spoil if it gets wet. I know in the winter when she keeps her hens inside all day she keeps a feeder in there full of food and they eat whenever they are hungry. They do need a lot of water so keeping the water full and clean is important. We have a lake out back the hens can drink out of but she keeps bowls of water around the house and in the coops so they don’t have to go far to get a drink. Egg layers drink a lot of water!

Hope you don’t have coyotes once they figure out how to get a hen they will keep coming for more. The best defense I have seen for coyotes is dog that has been raised around chickens. Our son’s dog was a fantastic protector of the hens. We never had problems with coyotes until he moved out and took his dog with him.

Sorry no automatic egg-collectors on the drawing boards.

Keep us posted on your progress!

Thanks for the tips. Makes sense about feeding. So I’ll just do the 5 gallon bucket feeder raised off the ground.
Coyotes are my main concern. I think I’ll try the orbit yard enforcer.

Can coopboss’ second button be used as a motion sensor input ? Thus trigger a sprinkler valve? also turn on floodlights via smartthings.


Chin Lee

Yes the second button could be connected to set of dry contacts that are normally open and close when motion is detected. You would have to create a smart-app back on the SmartThings side to act on the button push. All the clusters and endpoints are documented in the manual. Keep in mind whenever the second button is pushed the Aux 1 output also toggles. See page 21 of the CoopBoss Product Manual to see how to wire up AC relays to the Aux1 and Aux2 outputs.

I’m wondering how does everyone bring power to the coopboss.

The adapter cable is not long, I installed the coopboss under the roof of the coop and I’m thinking maybe a power strip under the coop. But the adapter cable is not long enough to reach the roof. I might have to move the coopboss to under the coop as well.

I am thinking of an extension cord from an outdoor gfci outlet to the coop. Any better suggestions?

This is my chicken coop: http://www.homedepot.com/p/SummerHawk-Ranch-Vintage-Red-Barn-Chicken-Coop-33554/205745336

yup the coopboss costs more than the chicken coop.

I installed an outdoor rated GFI outlet close to our coop then ran a short extension cord from it to the power brick tucked up inside.

I am interested in purchasing the CoopBoss but can’t seem to figure out how! I have gone to both coopboss.com and amazon. Can you help?

I want to use ST to turn on a smart LED bulb in the chicken coop when the light level is below a certain threshold? However, I found a smartapp in the marketplace but it cannot get the light-level from the CoopBoss DHT? Do you know how?



Couple of things to try. Take a look at the smartapps for the CoopBoss web site. A couple years ago I wrote a Coop light management SmartApp that may come close to what your looking for. If not (on that same website) take a look at the Advanced Features section. If you install the virtual CoopBoss custom device handler and SmartApp that goes with it you should see a Lux value from the CoopBoss light sensor. That is probably what your SmartApp is looking for.

Thanks that’s what was needed.

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Where can we buy the CoopBoss?? The website says its not longer forsale… WHAT!!! I need 2-4 of them!

John, I was pretty excited to see while cruising the marketplace to see your product! I was hopeful it would be just the thing for us but, was disappointed to learn you stopped making them. Any options to still get one??

Hi John - Like others, was disappointed to see you stopped making this. Wanting to convert my Brinsea opener to a ST-integrated actuator…like yours. Don’t have the time to figure out each step. Your product looked great! :sob:

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I am sorry that I missed out on this SmartThings product. I love my SmartThings home and am getting ready to build a new chicken coop. I was looking into this because it works with SmartThings. Obviously, I can cobble together sensors to give me the temperature, humidity, motion, and control plugs for the heater and lamp. I can even come up with a way to do the door but here was one product designed for this use.

Your YouTube video makes me green with envy at your fountain, coop, and landscape work. Maybe one day your product will return to the market.

I know this thread is very old - but wondering if anyone is still using the CoopBoss who has the know-how to update the DTH for the new app? If not, next week any users of CoopBoss will have limited functionality as the CoopBoss doesn’t display correctly in the new app and the old one is being deprecated. I’d be happy to throw some coffee, chocolate or $$ toward an updated DTH if someone has the time! @JohnR are you interested in a small consignment job? :wink:

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