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How many devices did you have per action in your piston?
I’ve seen that having too many causes failures so I’ve broken mine up into multiple groups of devices.

See the bottom two sections in this piston.

Rick, are you able to manually control the bulbs? On and off? I had two bulbs that recently dropped out. Also, since you’re saying that the ST app is showing the wrong state (not updating the state), I would disable the command optimizations in the piston - by default, a piston won’t ask a bulb to turn off if ST thinks it’s already off. And since ST thinks wrong… both about the bulb state and CoRE’s fault… :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Well, the bulbs came pre-paired with the Hue Hub - so in order to remove them from the Hue Hub, I bought a Lutron remote control from Home Depot It allowed me to remove the lights from the Hue Hub and it would allow me to remove them from ST if I had too. So I can freely move them to any hub I want with just a few clicks (go next to the bulb, hold the top button until the bulb flashes and the remote stops flashing some seconds later - this connects the remote to the bulb, then go next to the bulb again - 4in or closer - and press the UP and the OFF (bottom) buttons and hold until the bulb flashes and resets - at this point you can move the bulb to any hub you like)

That was a confirmed bug, where the from offset also applied to the to time. Update to latest please.

v0.3.156.20160926 - RC - Fixed a bug that was bleeding the time from offset into the time to for piston restrictions


Pistons, where are they stored?
Today (and sometimes earlier) parts of the information in a piston is not showing up.
The last day some of the pistons stopped working as intended at temperature changes measured in a sensor.
Entering a piston from Dashboard sometimes does not show any information at times.
So the startup question is, is all pistons store on Samsung servers, or locally.
Second question, is there more systems out there having strange issues the last day?

@ady624 I noticed that you’ve recently added support for usedCode for Locks from the data field. This will be useful for users if they want to take action based on which user unlocked the code. While the stock DH only reports usedCode for keypad based unlocked entries the Enhanced Universal Z-Wave Lock DH also reports the usedCode for lock events (where a keypad is used). So I think that this functionality would be would be useful for those using the Enhanced DH.

However one of the serious shortcomings of the stock DH is that it doesn’t capture or report non keypad based events, with a slew of new technologies locks are now sending events for RFID and other technologies also. The Enhanced Z-Wave Lock DH does capture these events also and report them under an extension of the data field in a variable called type. If you added support (conditional because it would depends on the underlying DH, Enhanced or Stock) users can use this information to make decisions based on the type of event. The type field contains values to indicate the source of the event, e.g. manual, keypad, remote, rfid and auto (and may expand in future to encapsulate newer technologies).

For example locks have keypad, remote, auto and rfid types of lock/unlock events. User codes can be entered via RFID or Keypad to unlock and lock. This extension allows them to take actions based on a RFID user vs a keypad user or maybe an auto vs remote vs manual event.

Hey Jason,

8 total lights all in one action/group. What is too many from your experience?

Thanks, Rick


Yes, all lights work through the ST App w/o issue. I did have a couple lights several weeks ago that became orphaned, re-connected them and all has been well since. Also note, all lights shut off each night with a Good Night routine and have never failed (that I recall) and we have been using this routine since Dec.

I will try the command optimizations as you suggested

Thanks, Rick


Command Optimization was disabled already in that Piston, so I enabled it, what can it hurt I was thinking

More to follow…


is there a way of copying pistons?

I wan to transfer a few over to my parents setup.



No way to copy pistons yet. Sorry.

CoRE is now in RELEASE CANDIDATE state. Can someone please close this thread, new thread is here.

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