[OBSOLETE 1.1.6 5/25/16] Big Talker - Talk when events occur

How do you get Big Talker to work with a Samsung M3 (or any Samsung speaker for that matter)? I have it used it with LANnouncer and an android tablet before, but would like to have it pump TTS to the Samsung speaker. I don’t see it listed in the Big Talker config settings. I do have voice notifications working with the M3 using CoRE, so the speaker is working as a TTS audio device, just not clear on how Big Talker can access it.

When you install a BigTalker instance, during the initial setup phase it asks if you want to run in musicPlayer or speechSynthesis mode and gives and example of devices that will show up under those modes. LANnouncer only shows up under speechSynthesis mode for example and Sonos only shows up under musicPlayer. I suspect you have BigTalker installed in speechSynthesis mode only and therefore you cannot see your Samsung speaker.
If you are using this instance of BigTalker, you can install another instance and choose musicPlayer mode during the initial setup screen. It will be a separate instance though, so phrases from one do not automatically speak on the other, you’ll need to configure those. I hope to figure out a way to not require one mode or the other in the future and merge them into the same instance.

Excellent, Brian, that’s definitely the issue, I’ll install another instance of it and give that a whirl. Thanks for the quick response!

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Just a quick follow-up, I added another instance of Big Talker for the Samsung M3 and configured a bunch of events, and it’s working great so far. Thanks for the great and EASY-to-use SmartApp, Brian!

And the speech on the M3 is not cutting off as others have reported… I’m wondering if they are using WiFi on their M3s instead of hard-wired ethernet.

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Version 1.1.8 and prior of Big Talker are now obsolete. Please update to 1.1.10.
Further discussion should be directed to this thread:

GitHub: https://github.com/rayzurbock/SmartThings-BigTalker

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@slagle , perhaps not edit the main post but maybe ability to edit the subject of an old post? ie: a [RELEASE ] post that is now obsolete. It would be nice to change [RELEASE ] to [OBSOLETE ] directing users to the new post.

Your wish is my command

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Hi @rayzurbock,

The GitHub integration for the app updating in ST IDE is broken. Can you provide the correct info for this?

Login to graph.api.smartthings.com
Go to My SmartApps
Click Settings
Ensure that you have the following configure as a line:
Owner: rayzurbock
Name: SmartThings-BigTalker
Branch: master
Click Update from Repo
Click SmartThings-BigTalker (master)
If you are not running the latest version, BigTalker will be listed under “Obsolete”. Check it, check Publish and click Execute Update.
If you made custom code changes yourself, BigTalker will be listed under “Conflicted”. If you wish to get back to the current published code, Check it, check Publish and click Execute Update (you will lose any custom code changes that you made).

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I have a ring doorbell pro. I set it up so when the doorbell button is pushed the speakers in the house say “someone is at the front door” which works great. The issue is everytime the doorbell detects motion bigtalker send a push notification of “bigtalker - check configuration. phrase is empty for front door”

Even if I add the doorbell to motion and give it a “there is motion outside” phrase, it will say the phrase, but will still give me that push notification error.

Any remedy for this?

I believe I have just resolved this issue.
Please see the newer BigTalker thread and specifically this post (#12): [Release 1.1.12 3/13/2017] Big Talker - Talk when events occur

Thanks for working on this app! It looks like a lot of code and hours of work.

I installed it with my MIMOlite controller as a doorbell notification input and I used Big Talker to tell in the Sonos speakers phrase like “someones’s at the door”. However the previous playing music doesn’t resume. The auto-generated mp3 file is read first, then resume logic kicks in and is playing the same mp3 second time, like it would fail finding previously playing music.

I am more than happy to enable debugging mode/logs if needed and provide it to you. Feel free to contact me on priv or here. I would love to get it working. :slight_smile:

I will try to understand the code and maybe I can fix it too.


I am going to attempt to use Big Talker with VLC thing.
I had a few questions:

  1. Does Big Talker allow the ability to play custom MP3s for events? For instance I want to play the Star Trek door swoosh sound when I enter my front door.
  2. Does Big Talker allow for different volumes for different events?
  3. Is there an http API to invoke Big Talker? When my house alarm is triggered, I can have it call an http URL. I would like to expose a URL that will play a really loud recording of rottweilers barking.

Hi guys nice app
I have a little issue with it though :frowning:
I’ve set it up to read out when it detects presence from the 4 in our house but it only ever reads my daughters nobody else.
Also I was going to set a time restriction in the shm events but changed my mind but it now won’t let me delete the time it stays red wanting me to select the time and won’t let me back out until I do

The inability to clear the Don’t Speak After field is due to a bug in the Android SmartThings app. I’ve filed a support request for them to fix this, but it may not get attention without others also submitting the same.

To clear the field on Android, first clear the Don’t Talk Before time, press Done then go back into the event and clear the Don’t Talk After time.

Thanks for the reply that’s sorted it cheers.
I didn’t realise you had it reported on your github I did look there as well :frowning:
Have you any idea why the apps not reporting on all my presence sensors only the one that’s in presence group 1 ?

The 2.0 development version has custom mp3 support now.

See this thread regarding 2.0 development:

Specifically this post regarding mp3 support: https://community.smartthings.com/t/bigtalker-2-0-development/55305/86

Note: 2.0 is a completely new install from 1.x. They can run side by side. It is also an in-development version. Expect it to break and provide feedback.


Is there an event that can trigger based on a sensors temperature being within a range or less/greater than a level, and then have that temperature included in the vocal response? Am hoping I’m just missing something.

You’ll probably have to use something like WebCore to accomplish what you want.