BigTalker 2.0 -- Development

I think I will wait as I don’t want to screw things up. But I will look to see if it is easier than it looks.

Just installed a second Samsung R1 Multiroom speaker which works great with BigTalker Dev. I have one question. I have set up Big Talker to work with different events like switches on and off. But would there be a way to have a simple category to cover other devices that aren’t in a specific group. ? Or do i have to setup a misc. group to hold all those not included in a group?

SmartThings works on the concept of subscribing to device events. I think you would need to create a device group including all devices that you desire and phrases that you want for those in order for BigTalker to be able to subscribe to those events and speak your desired phrases for them.

Yes that is what I thought, so I have been making an inclusive group for what I left out.

I tried adjusting the code, and screwed it up so it was put back to the way it was other than my personality changes. I will wait for the next release.

New 2.0 development versions released: P2.0.a9 and C2.0.a8

  • Resolved an issue with mode change announcements as reported by GitHub user: tuhinz. Thanks!
  • Added additional personality provided by @joelw135 (some minor adjustments to make certain responses a little more generic to fit more circumstances). Thanks!
  • Adjusted personality phrase randomization math in an attempt to better randomize.

Update using SmartThings GitHub integration or grab the code bits directly from GitHub, overwrite and publish your current 2.0 dev version:

Publish the Parent and Save the Child!

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New 2.0 development version released: P2.0.b1 and C2.0.b1

  • Introducing a new phrase token: %mp3(url)%
  • Don’t forget the closing )%
  • Only a url ending with .mp3 is supported at this time.
  • Nothing else can be used in the phrase it must only contain %mp3(url)%
  • %mp3(url)% token only supports musicPlayer mode/devices (Sonos, etc).

To do: Add some error control and url checking and find actual duration of mp3 file; currently arbitrarily setting mp3 duration to 10 seconds which may not be enough for some causing cut-offs

Update using SmartThings GitHub integration or grab the code bits directly from GitHub, overwrite and publish your current 2.0 dev version:

Publish the Parent and Save the Child!

Tags of users with this specific request that I could find on this thread.

Here are a few other URL’s that I have hosted if you wish to use them:


Thank you so much for the update. Maybe edit you post to remind people not to publish the child and just update.


Child apps that I published show up in the marketplace

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@joelw135 @greg I was mistaken. The child is showing up in the marketplace if published. It’s very easy for SmartThings to tell if an app is a parent or child, they should fix this so that only Parents show up. I removed my earlier post and edited the update post with:

Publish the Parent and Save the Child!


[BUG] event group name doesn’t persist when creating a new event group if you change the event group name before you configure an event.

steps to reproduce
-add event group
-change event group name
-configure an event
-press done

actual result
the event group name reverts back to ‘Change this’.

expected result
the event grouip name should be what you set it to

configure the event first, change the event group name second, then press done.

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Nice work - just loaded, will report back! :slight_smile: Thanks!

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So far everything has been working as usual. I have created groups, but to be honest I always name my group at the end of creation, not at the beginning so the problem above, I haven’t seen.

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Some quick questions:

  1. I am planning on using Big Talker 2.0 with Lannouncer. I am particularly interested in the Mp3 functionality. Lannouncer supports MP3s but can only support 5 of them in the premium version. Your approach seems to be unlimited. So in short, would using Big Talker 2.0 with Lannouncer allow me to use different Mp3s for different events without being limited to just 5 MP3s?
  2. Is there a way to have BigTalker 2.0 control the volume of different Mp3s that are played? So for instance, I would like to play my “Alarm Triggered” Mp3 louder than my “Front Door Opened” Mp3.
  3. Is there a way to invoke BigTalker 2.0 without going through the Smart Things cloud and hitting a local URL? The reason why I am asking is because my alarm system does not integrate with Smart Things. However, it does allow me the ability to call URLs based on different events of the alarm system (e.g., alarm triggered, door opened, etc). I could probably figure out a way to have the alarm call a URL that will change the state a virtual switch and then have Big Talker react to that, but that would cause a lot of delay and add complexity so I am trying to see if you expose an http interface or something.
  1. The new BigTalker mp3 functionality is only compatible with devices that use the musicPlayer device type handler in SmartThings (Sonos, Ubi, etc). LANnouncer uses the speechSynthesis device type handler which doesn’t natively support playback of mp3 audio from hosted files. LANNouncer is doing this by implementing special commands in text phrases sent to it that instruct it to play one of the 5 custom MP3s that you have selected.
  2. BigTalker can adjust the volume for a device if the device supports it. This too requires the device to be a musicPlayer device type. The only command that a speechSynthesis device supports is Speak(phrase).
  3. BigTalker does not currently support REST API endpoints.

Would it be possible to have these random settings a a fill in option in setup, or a toggle etc.

I’m not understanding the question

I just tested the steps to reproduce on both my iPhone and Android. I could not produce, the group name was saved as I entered it on both platforms.

Has anyone been able to try P2.0.b1 and C2.0.b1 with a musicPlayer device and the custom mp3 url option mentioned in post 86?
Success? Fail? Happy? Mad?

I’ve updated the child app to C2.0.b3 to test the feasibility/desire of a community requested feature.

In this test version, I’ve added a toggle switch to the Motion and Switch event types in the child app (ie: your groups, rooms, or however you organize BigTalker). Please update the child app and check the workflow and function of this feature. I’d like feedback before I continue on with adding this to all of the other available event types.

The parent app doesn’t need to be updated. It hasn’t changed (it’s still at P2.0.b1), only the child app. Simply overwrite your current BigTalker-Dev-Child with this version (C2.0.b3) and then review the motion and switch settings to test and provide feedback.

Click here for the raw child app code (link)
or use GitHub Integration in your SmartThings IDE to pull down the latest child app.

Save, don’t publish the child app.

(updated from C2.0b2 to C2.0b3 8/25/17 @ 10:08pm CST - Minor logging change for motion and switch test phrase events)

(updated from P2.0b1 to P2.0b2 8/26/17 @ 8:31pm CST - Modify MP3’s so that space, +, and - will be supported in the URL; Updated C2.0b3 to C2.0B4 8/26/17 @ 8:31pm CST - Corrected issue that prevented configuring motion/switch events in an event group.

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My thought was that if in the setup of the app, there could be three toggles with the following

  1. Normal Personality
  2. Some randomus
  3. Most random personality

So instead of changing the numbers in the code it would be done in setup, so you can easily play around with the settings. Forgive me, but I am not a programer, but it seemed logical.

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