Nuts and Volts article on ZigBee and a Panel Meter

The June 2016 Nuts and Volts features my article on how to use the ZigBee analog cluster to drive an analog panel meter with SmartThings. It made the cover!


That’s so cool…congratulations too! Hey is there a copy of just your article that you can legally share without us having to sign up for a subscription to read it?

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Sorry its not available for free. They bought the article from me so they own it. However, if you sign up for their site you can read a few pages of it. I’m also happy to answer any questions about it.

Thanks Keith!!

Thanks John…I’ll check the Barnes & Noble on the way home and see if they have a hard copy I can buy.

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Great Job! Was the line on the top of the article a Joe Walsh quote?

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They still have the May issue at B&N. I’ll have to wait a few days. :wink: