NST manager not displaying properly


Anyone have any ideas where the additional data has gone In nst manager? On my iPad I get the unexpected error message as seen in the image but not on my iPhone. Both show the html content in SmartApp message. The they both show a scrolling blue bar under the temperature graphics.

Post in the NST Manager thread. No need to open a new topic. That’s what the thread is for. Others are reporting the same behavior with Nest Devices and other non Nest devices.


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In reference to the 3 deleted posts above from @yvesracine

@yvesracine, You had ST delete all reference to NST Manager and criticism about your PAID version from your thread, and then you come on here and try to post on a NST thread!!! What are you playing at??? Hypocritical doesn’t cover it… Don’t be so surprised the community has kicked you into place!!

You call it competition… but there is no competition, NST manager is free and for the community, your version is a plagiarism, non-original and you are just profiteering.

The only time we ever see you posting on this forum is when you are selling your wears… how about actually contributing to the community for once.


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