The little chat bubble that told us about notifications and was next to the search button has disappeared. Not sure if this was intentional. If so, where can we find our notifications?

@slagle @april

Notification have been moved under your profile picture. That’s where the count will show up too. Also, I am very ‘disappointed’ that I cannot ‘like’ my own post. ha, ha, @april


But clicking on the relocated notification doesn’t take you to your items of interested anymore. I just takes me to the top level of the forums. Seems very broken to me.

We recently fixed it so clicking on the blue circle will open the drop down, should be live here shortly.

still broken for me. 11 hours later so not sure what “shortly” means :smile:


We have been doing lots of redesigning around the header, I just picked up on what was going on there today and quickly fixed it, I was sure you were talking about a different bug.

Anyway all good now, just hit refresh then you can click your avatar or blue circle, both will do the same.

I figured out that clicking on the avatar worked but forgot to return to this thread to indicate the issue was with the bubble. Glad you noticed that on your own. Working now. Thanks.