Notifications of Door Open eg Alexa?

Installing Echo Speaks is very simple and it will allow you to use all of your Alexa devices as speakers.
You can then use apps like WebCore to create your automation alerts.

It seems that you might be fairly new to the custom code available in this community. Dig deep and read. This rabbit hole has no bottom.

Just keep asking your questions, we’re happy to help you out as we can.

You are correct. I have zero experience with things like webcore. I looked at it for a few minutes in the past, but it was pretty complex as I recall. I am an IT person by trade, but this is very new to me.

Is there any way to use the Alexa devices with Echo Speaks without doing core?

Webcore can seem to be pretty intimidating. I’ve been using it since it came out and I’ve only scratched the surface. There is an entire community based on it though, so there is plenty of help if you want to go that route.

I haven’t used the devices with any other apps except for ones I’ve written myself, but they should work with most that are available.

I am getting notifications all day that look like this:

"Echo speaks data refresh issue: The app has not received any device data from echo speaks service in last (16399) seconds. Something must be wrong with the node server."

Any idea why that may happen? I have not put anything in echo speaks yet. Still trying to figure out echo speaks and webcore.

One other thing…

On my dashboard in ST app, there is a Home Solutions block that I could add SHM stuff, but now it says “unable to load your home solutions”. It offers a reload button, but it never works. Also, if I go to Automation > SmartApps > Add > Samsung Recommends > Smart Home Monitor - Custom, and click it, the icon spins and never comes back. So it looks like nothing with SHM is working now.

Ok, well the SHM eventually came back and I can create stuff in there. I created a custom monitor so that when my basement door sensor opens, it will send a message to all my alexa devices. It is not working. I have tested it by opening the door many time, but nothing happens.

I do not know if this is Echo Speaks not working on the SHM. Any ideas?

On a side note, I did setup some routines in the Alexa app for notifications and it is working. It only allows me to use 1 alexa device, so that’s why I am trying to use SHM so I can do multiple.


I just created a new SHM monitor. It monitors a door sensor and will send me a push notification AND send an alert to 2 of my alexa devices. I opened the door and the push notification works, but alexa does nothing. So it sounds like this Echo Speaks is not working.

I removed Echo Speaks and started over. When I get to the heroku part, when I click deploy app I get an error: Archive URL not found. Also “Invalid Template Repository”.

Argh. Any help?

Yes. The solution is in the comments from today of the echo speaks thread.

Did you ever find a solution? I am having the same problem. I can send test messages to my echo devices in the device themselves, but cannot get them to announce in the SHM when a door opens.

If you are talking about the SHM app, they aren’t going to work.

Can you elaborate. I thought you could use echo speaks as a speaker in the SHM to make announcements. Is the only way to use echo speaks through webcore?

My understanding is that SHM uses a command structure that doesn’t work with the Alexa devices. @tonesto7 can give you more accurate information.

If you have the option to alert with lights, then you can have SHM turn on a virtual switch. And when you can turn on a virtual switch, you can do almost anything including have Alexa speak a notification by using Alexa routines (not SMARTthings routines).

I’m not sure exactly which options are available in which version of the app for SHM anymore, but you used to be able to do an alert with lights in the classic app that you could use for this.

Meanwhile, here is the FAQ on Alexa announcements:

So this method is a little hanky, but it should work. See the FAQ above for details.

  1. SHM turns on a virtual switch via alert with lights

  2. The virtual switch is also a virtual contact sensor, so turning it on opens the sensor.

  3. The Alexa routine is triggered by the sensor opening, and speaks the announcement

Did you find a solution that works for you?

I used bigtalker2. Seems to be working just fine.

This is correct. The SHM audio notification uses the playTrackAndResume(url) method from the musicPlayer capability, which is not supported by Echo Speaks.
If you check the logs when it triggers, you will see something like this:

warn Uh-Oh… The playTrackAndResume(uri:, duration: 1, volume: null) Command is NOT Supported by this Device!!!

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Good choice. Glad you got it working for you.

From 9-10pm p.m. every night I would like Alexa
or SmartThings to check and see
if my door contact is open or closed
And then say your door is open.

I have three separate speakers and if I have this repeat every 3 minutes each speaker will say the door is open.

Although currently it only seems to work if I am opening the door it doesn’t work if the door is already open.

Occasionally somebody goes in or out the garage door and may leave it open … although the overhead door maybe shut I want to be sure the door contact is shut…the garage pedestrian door that is…

I can’t find the skills discussed in this thread where am I missing it?