Notification when door lock is jammed?

Hello all! This is my first post in the community as I am just getting started with my SmartThings and home automation. I have discovered you can create your own SmartApps for desired automations. That will be the next thing I research. But I was wondering if there was already one created for my need.

In the cold months, my Schlage lock will jam when it auto locks. I have been successful in getting the door to lock after a couple of tries from my SmartThings app, but it is often after some hours have passed, leaving my home unsecured. I leave first in the mornings, and my (high functioning) mentally handicapped aunt leaves shortly after me. I got the Schlage lock and SmartThings hub to help with her forgetfulness, as she is sometimes so excited to go to her daycare center, she forgets to lock the door or turn off lights. Now the door auto-locks, but when it jams, the door remains unlocked (“unknown” in the app). And she is long gone before she can hear the beep that lets you know the lock was unsuccessful. So is it possible to receive a notification when a lock is jammed (as opposed to locked/unlocked)? How could I make this possible for my system?

Thank you for your time and help! I’ve enjoyed being a reader of the forum so far.

Extra info: I got my SmartThings hub in December. I have one multipurpose sensor, one arrival sensor (for aunt, no smartphone), multiple Arlo Pro cameras, and my aforementioned Schlage lock. I use the SmartThings, Arlo, and IFTT apps.

I would look at fixing the Jam. Often times taking a dremel and widening the strike plate a bit will fix it.

You can use Core to alert if door is unlocked (or not locked) for a certain amount of time. You may be able to set up a rule that runs when the lock command is sent, wait 1 minute, check to see if door reports locked.

I have a routine that checks and locks doors at night. I use core to check 5 minutes later to make sure the doors are actually locked.

You may even be able to set up Core to try to lock it again automatically before it sends out a notifications.


The Schlage locks generate a lock jammed alert. I’m using Rboy’s device handler and lock manager smart app and get them whenever ours jams.


Same here. It’s actually very useful when you have people over and someone doesn’t pull the door tight enough.

I still have a “sleep mode” routine though that attempts to re-lock the door, in case I missed the notification through the day.

Of course! Obvious answer. I’ve just been infatuated with the capabilities of the system. I will definitely work on that tonight.

Interesting! So it is worth the membership fee? A lot of useful stuff on Rboy’s page. Thanks for the reference. I’d love to be able to manage everything from my app vs. listening for beeps and watching lights, etc. I tried to install one someone posted on the forums here, but it ALWAYS gave me the “failed to lock” notification, even when it was locked, so I scrapped it. I’ll check this one out - thanks again.

I’ve found his site well worth the fee.

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Personally I think @RBoy could double his fee and make it an annual subscription and I would sign up. I have found his locking device handlers and smartapps especially useful and has exceptional support.

But I also find unbelievably great smartapps and device handlers from this community for free that just humbles me.

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I’m using a piston to do lock jammed SMS notification; I couldn’t find the right Value to make work, I’m using Rboy Lock manager, and device handler

thank you

I have mine notify me if all precense sensors are gone and it’s unlocked or if it’s 9pm any day andd it’s unlocked.