Nothing is working (12 December 2018)

hello, Nothing is working. it worked fine few hours back. now i can’t do anything, may be some outage. is it happening for others?

EDIT: it is working but working after 10 to 15 mins. delay

my ikea bulbs are delayed in commands…they are all group to a virtual switch too

Same here. Installed a new v2 hub yesterday and everything was working fine. Up until now.
Not sure how many times I “locked” the door through the app when all this started, but right now, this is the 5th time i had to go downstairs to physically lock it because it keeps unlocking.

all this month smarthings no work normally, is a cr*p, movement sensors not working, bubls delayed commands, routines delayed, o bubls on and off are crazy.

Looks like they are aware of it.

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should create a hub where we do not depend on an external server of smarthings, without internet or server everything goes to hell.

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There are already several

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yeah, when i checked the status nothing was opened. so i put message here and also sent email to them. hope they fix it soon.

More than just delays. I was having dinner at a restaurant when I started getting alerts of intrusion and SHM started the sirens etc. I rushed home and all seems ok and checked logs on the motion sensors, didn’t show any motion while I was getting alerts and couldn’t disarm for a while too. I’m using Konnected board with SHM. Anyone else using Konnected and had similar issues?

Yup. Mine would arm itself randomly. I took SHM off for now.

My friend i suggest you bookmark this page i’ve set up a IFTT alert that texts me when Smartthings issues status alerts. It helps me from pulling out my hair sometimes.

You can have the site itself text you when there is outages.


And this thread