Not turning on bedroom lights automatically in bedroom

Okay, I am still an ST novice so have a question.
I use Globe lights throughout my home.
I was going to slowly switch over to Hue but due to low brightness levels of their bulbs I would need to use several standard lamps throughout the home.
Not a major problem but the ones SHMBO wants, I would need a bank loan for.
So sticking with Globe for now and hoping the integration is fixed soon.
I use the ST motion sensors to control the lights to automatically switch on/off.
When the integration is complete I will be using dawn/dusk settings.

But here lies the problem. I want to automate the bedroom lights too.
If the missus is sleeping early, when I go to bed it is going to annoy her greatly if the main light switches on when she is asleep.

Is there any way to quickly turn off the automation in this situation.
An Alexa command would be great.
e.g. “Alexa disable the bedroom light until dusk tomorrow”. Or something along those lines.
Something without having to go into an app would be great.

I think probably not possible but thought I would ask anyway :grin:

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Some of my motion sensor automations, especially the master light, have restrictions in Smart Lighting that tell them not to run if the location mode is Night. I have a Good Night routine which sets this mode; it runs automatically at 10:30pm, or when a virtual switch turns on. I have a corresponding Alexa routine triggered by “Alexa, good night” which turns on the virtual switch and triggers the mode change. My Good Morning routine runs on a schedule and switches the mode back to Home, turning the automations back on.


There are approximately 12 zillion different ways to do this with smartthings. :wink: so I’m sure you’ll get a lot of good responses.

Personally, we change the mode from “night“ to “asleep“ (a custom mode we created) when I go to sleep and after that the motion sensor turns on a soft nightlight on the wall instead of the overhead light. That way my dog going in and out of the bedroom doesn’t turn the overhead light on (he’s over 80 pounds). :dog:

But there are all kinds of other ways to do it, and you can definitely have something that works with Alexa as well.

If you look on the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki, look down to the bottom of the page for the “project reports” section and then choose the subsection on projects by room, there’s a “bedroom“ list which has several threads on motion sensors and lighting in the bedroom. :sleeping:


Great news. Thanks guys. I thought this was going be a definite no. Very happy :slight_smile:

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In my experience, there are very few things in ST that are a definite no, but once you get beyond a certain level of complexity the requirements for specialized knowledge (coding in webcore or writing a custom smartapp) or equipment (running a dedicated server to communicate with a device) ramp up quickly.

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