Not SmartThings Related But....Trigger Google Maps to announce current status with Tasker?

So…I know this isn’t SmartThings related…but this is the only forum I’m a member of that deals with stuff related to this, and a lot of the people on here have experience with these things. I was hoping there was an off-topic section.

@Moderators If this isn’t allowed, I understand, you can take down the post.

I have a Flic that I use while I ride my motorcycle.
single click to toggle music play pause
double click to skip to the next track/song
long click to read my last text message to me (text to speech)

This happens all the time to me, I’m on a longer ride and it’s like 30 miles till the next direction and I’d like to know the status of my drive. I was hoping to find someway to trigger Google Maps to announce the current drive status (aka “In 12 miles take I-5 north”).

I’m familiar with tasker, and other tools/plugins. Is there any way possible to trigger this to happen using some sort of tool/plugin on my phone? Preferably tasker which I can then link to Flic.