Noon Home switch device handler?

I have Noon Home switches (directors, dimmers, on/off switches) installed in my home. Those work really well with each other and with Google Assistant. It does not seem there is Noon Home integration with SmartThings. Where should I start in order to build an app/device handler? How could smartthings hub connect to those switches (only wifi connectiviti, no zwave, no zigbee)
Thank you!

you would need an API to build an integration. They haven’t published theirs publicly. I use IFTTT or Alexa routines as a middle man for mine.


FAQ: WIFI Devices in ST? How can I integrate a WiFi or Bluetooth device that isn’t on the official compatibility list?

Frankly if you’re affluent enough to have Noon Home switches, then SmartThings is way below your pay grade.

Like putting ketchup on caviar.


Noon used to sell those switches on Amazon and their own web site. I bought them over the course of a year +. Every now and then there were promos and I got them for half price if not cheaper.

I use SmartThings as an interface between Tasker/SharpTools and my smart devices. Noon is a great product but lacks some basic functionality - does not work with ST, works with Google home/assistant, Tasker and Google don’t get along well, I’m lazy to talk to Google, hence all this smartness is turning into annoyance.

You could use Google Assistant-Relay on a RPi, and the have ST issue “Custom Commands” to turn the switches on or off. You’d probably need to use webCoRE to issue the proper http commands to the Assistant-Relay NodeJS server. This would be a one-way integration.