No motion for n hours/days trigger

Folks I’m looking to trigger change of mode when there is no motion for 2 days or when there is no presence for 1-2 days. ST native automation support no motion timer but up to 60 minutes for some strange reason. Wondering if there is existing smart-app that does that. I prefer not to use webcore due to the the steep learning curve.

I think webCoRE is going to be your best choice. I doubt there is another option available. Plus, you can visit the webcore community forum at to find info on installation, along with a video. You also have a large community who have probably already written pistons or will gladly offer to assist you with building the perfect piston. You will find how easy it is to use once you get started. :slight_smile:

@jkp thanks for the tip., but I already gave it a spin and got stuck. I’m hoping that because my use case is so basic someone already created a smartapp around that.