Automations - “No Motion”

I have two automations, game room active and game room quiet. Game room quiet has no motion for 58 minutes, but fires off 30 seconds after game room active.
Seems like no motion doesn’t work. What am I missing?
Should I be selecting motion with timer?

WebCoRE… The New App Automation Engine is too darn buggy. WebCoRE will save you a lot of time and stress.

I just use did a Automation test using a motion sensor motionless duration of 5 minutes and it worked fine.

Have you checked other Automations and SmartApps (like Smart Lighting) to ensure you don’t have something else that’s triggering ‘when motion stops’ using the motion sensor? Because 30 seconds is about how long the motion sensor will stay active during a motion event until there’s no more motion detected.

How do I program web core to run a scene when no motion has been detected for 30 minutes and mode is “game room active”

You can create a virtual switch tied to that scene. First have WebCoRe turn the switch on, then in the SmartThings app, create an automation that triggers the scene when the virtual switch is turned on. Be sure to turn the virtual switch off again, either in the WebCoRe piston, the SmartThings Automation, or even the scene.

Just build the scene again in webCoRE.