No more NEWLINE char?

Newline characters (\n) previously worked on PARAGRAPH settings in config no longer render newlines but are escaped and just show “\n”

"This line!\nThat Line?"

This line!
That line?

Is now…

This line?\nThat Line!

Is making a new line in a PARAGRAPH setting no longer possible? How can I achive this?

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Bah! I am ashamed. I switched my statement call to join ‘\n’ instead of “\n” and it got escaped on the request on my end. Back to double quotes and all is right in the world.

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@ethayer, please let us know when you gave up due to frustration. I am quite curious how long a Code Slinger can last in this challenge. :wink:

Hah, will do.

I’m not trying to hold my breath too long. I think the shift to a REST API was a thoughtful one. It will allow developers a lot more control over what happens with code execution and you can get a lot more software on board more quickly.

That’s IF they allow it to go well and trust can be put in the right places.

On the other side of that, since I’m not relying on their SDK, I can shift my work to utilize another REST API using a different platform on another hub and not lose ALL of the work I’ve done so far. Just in case they decide they’re not going to allow publication for some reason of another… I don’t have all the eggs in one basket.

Part of the reason I’m even attempting this in the first place with so many unknowns is that if they decide to not open the flood gates… I can pull my boat into another harbor.

<insert Suez Ever Given joke>