*** No longer supported *** [RELEASE] Resilient My Ecobee Devices and ecosystem V6- migrated to custom capabilities & automation (presence, comfort settings, and more)!

Thanks for the timely response. But I’m confused about the Ecobee3 modes. I don’t get the difference between “auto” and “resumeprogram”. Can you clarify? Want I want to happen is if all windows are closed, then tell the ecobee to revert to whatever comfort setting applies according to my schedule, and change settings as needed …no hold.

To me, “auto” means the thermostat just follows my comfort settings and schedule, per my schedule on the Ecobee scheduler site and will switch heating/cooling modes as needed to maintain my temp bounds. In webcore set to auto doesn’t need any parameters. If I send the set to auto command to the ecobee3 when it’s off, nothing appears to happen…it’s still off. That’s no expected is it? It should ‘wake up’ and switch to the auto mode, as if I was standing at the physical device and change the mode to auto on the screen?

Hi, first if you want to check if some door and window contacts are open, and turn off the thermostat(s) if they are open too long, why don’t you use the WindowOrDoorOpen smartapp at my github:

You can customize the notification & the thermostat off command delays for your own personal usage. The smartapp even supports verbal notifications through some ST connected speakers.

The smartapp is able to track up to 30 contact and up to 6 open sensors at a given time.

The smartapp can also restore the thermostat’s mode after all the contact sensors are closed.

Now, for more info about the auto mode, please refer to your ecobee thermostat’s user guide. Here is a short article on it:

My DTH will just activate the auto mode when you send the “auto” command. If you want to get rid of any active holds, you’d need to send the “resumeProgram” or “resumeThisTstatProgram” command. The latter command will “force” a refresh of your UI tiles under ST.

Finally, when you say that nothing happens, do you mean at the physical thermostat unit or under ST? Please note that you may need to send the “refresh” command manually (using the ST Mobile app) or via webCoRE to visualize any actual changes to the DTH under ST. This doesn’t mean that your thermostat is not in auto mode, but that mode is not visible under the ST mobile app till you press the “refresh” tile under MyHome/Things in the ST mobile app.

The reason is that the ST UI tiles are not refreshed automatically by SmartThings when you send any command via the APIs. This is a general ST UI behavior (not my code).

The troubleshooting section at the ST community wiki has this behavior mentioned also (item #5) :


However if you don’t see any changes at the physical unit (you need to wait a little bit as the mode changes can take up to 1 minute to be processed by the ST and ecobee backends), there may be some issues with your ecobee connection. Is your ecobee’s internet connection up and running? Did you try to do the same command under the ST Mobile app and press “refresh”? What did you see in the list of events (after enabling detailed tracing as indicated at the wiki)?

If you have exceptions, you may need to re-login at ecobee (using MyEcobeeInit) and enable a scheduler watchdog in the last page (see item 6 under the troubleshooting section) as your ST account may have some scheduling issues that impede the “refresh tokens” logic in the DTH. I’ve not seen this issue myself for a while (more than a year actually and I monitor many user locations as part of my support packages), but ST is not the most stable platform…

I hope that these explanations will answer all your questions about My ecobee DTH as my support time is limited.

P. S. For any further assistance, please send emails to services@maisonsecomatiq.com as it’s easier for me to keep track of your user context using Gmail conversations. And, I’d need some logs for any issues.


Dang - I actually used WebCoRE (and previously CoRE) to write the code to handle this. I would’ve much rather used yours…

Oh well, we know now!

There are many smartapps available at my github for the most common use cases with the ecobee thermostats.

Refer to the 1st post of this thread for the complete list of use cases:



I am trying to understand what is free and what can be purchased.
The opening post on this thread suggest that the everything in the Github repo is free, is this correct?

What features/app differentiate the free from paid version?
Is there a trial version?

Thank you

Hi @mjlewis,

As soon as you contribute to My Ecobee device (DTH), all the smartapps available at my github can be used free of charges for your own use cases.

My ecobee device has been around for more than 3 years now and it’s very stable. There is no trial version given the amount of development & testing efforts that I’ve put into it. Just look at the number of contributors who are happy with the end product!!

P.S. The paid applications at my store (related to ecobee) are my zoned heating/cooling solutions which bring the ecobee integration with SmartThings (contact/temp/motion/presence) sensors & smart vents to a whole new level.

For more info about my zoned Heating/Cooling solutions, refer to

P.S. I’d be releasing soon some new DTHs in cooperation with another device manufacturer for even more zoned heating/cooling features…


@yvesracine, thank you for your quick answer.

great, it seems that My Ecobee device DTH is all I need. I am trying to find on your website the link to purchase just that but for some reason I am having some troubles.

My EcoBee Device for SmartThings with Remote Sensors smartapp (*) - $20

the simplest package to get started (I have an ecobee4) ?


Do you want to expose your ecobee4’s proprietary remote sensors to ST as temp/motion sensors?

If yes, that’s the right package.

Please note of the following limitation regarding the motion capability:


Otherwise, you can get just the standalone version, which is cheaper.


appreciate the feedback. could you give me a link to the standalone version?
I wasn’t able to find it

It’s called My ecobee device - standalone version (15$) at my store.


So I’m trying to use WindoworDoorOpen and having issues. It is turning off/on my Ecobee3, however text messages are not being sent and I’m getting constant push notifications. My delay in notifications is 1 minute and max notifications are 1.


As the smartapp can turn off the thermostat(s), it’s been designed to send many notifications to remind users that their contact sensors are open and they need to take action about it. In some parts of the US & Canada, turning off the thermostat(s) for a long period could mean pipe bursting (in winter) or mold (in the summer). For this reason, the maximum number of notifications doesn’t apply when you supply some thermostat(s) as input to the smartapp: it’s a safety measure.

If you don’t want to receive push notifications, just say ‘No’ to the following parameter in the smartapp:

	input "sendPushMessage", "enum", title: "Send a push notification?", metadata: [values: ["Yes", "No"]], required: false

You can also change the notification frequency (in minutes):

	input "frequency", "number", title: "Delay between notifications in minutes", description: "", required: false

For text messages, I don’t have any control over whether you telecom operator is supported or not by the ST notification provider… I’m just using the regular sendSms() method.

			sendSms(phoneNumber, msg)

As I wrote earlier, if you have any issue, please send your logs to services@maisonsecomatiq.com.

P.S. I’ll be on vacation for the next 2 weeks with little access to the internet.

I have been using this ST app for my two ecobee3 thermostats since 2015. The app is very high quality, reliable, and constantly improving. I have had a few issues with ST and ecobee (not the app) over the years, and Yves has been very quick to respond and help me fix those issues. The documentation he provides is extensive and very useful. I wish all SmartThings apps worked this good and were this well developed and supported.

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So I just bought the standalone version for Smartthings and I wanted it primarily for a 2 hour hold when a new temp is set within ST. However, I only see “holdType” and options are nextTransition or Indefinite. How do I set the 2 hour limit then it resumes schedule?

Edit, nm the command is “holdHours”

However, when I set holdHours: 2, it is only holding for 1 hour according to the ecobee display, am I inputting the command incorrectly?


You’d need to set up the holdType input parameter with the holdHours value.

See my previous post to you.


ahh yes, I was adding a space between : and the number. holdHours:2 is what works.


You can do it in multiple ways:

holdHours 2


I know its probably an actiontiles thing, but is there a way to add a button to the ecobee tile to resume schedule?


I am experiencing an issue in the ST Mobile app with the ecobee3 device type. I am pretty sure it is not an issue with the device type itself since it works fine on my phone (Nexus 6P Android 7.1.2) but I am having an issue on my tablet (Sammy S2 Android 7.0).

Both are running the same version of the ST Mobile app.

But on the Sammy tab when I click to view one of my t-stats the UI just hangs.

I have tried clearing data/cache reinstalling app, rebooting device. No change. Works great on my phone though.

Anyone else experience this? I’ve already engaged with ST Support.

This is not something I can do(you can ask the authors of Action Tiles )… I’m not sure that they will do it as this is quite specific to the ecobee thermostats.

P.S. I’m on vacation so I’m not able to provide more support.