Next Developer Call will be on 09/09/2015 - Guest : Alex Hawkinson

They were supposed to ship Thursday and Friday, but it doesn’t appear that all of them have. So, “any time now”?

I’d love to hear more about what you will enable developers to do to interoperate devices locally using the new local capability - is there going to be an API ?
What sort of standards are you looking to support on the local network for developers to use?
AllJoyn seems to be getting a lot of traction, lots of players, and AllJoyn services are even built into Windows 10 - huge opportunity for developers there. What’s your thought on consuming AllJoyn devices, and more importantly expose SmartThing devices through an AllJoyn bridge? Or is the thought more to go proprietary and lock users into the SmartThings hub as much as possible?

Alsp see my ramblings regarding current state of local access APIs in SmartThings here: The Next Generation of SmartThings is Here

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Is SmartThings going to be a developer driven platform or a platform that allows some constrained developer contributions? In other words, do you see developers as partners and change drivers, contributors, or somewhere in between?

Can you give your overall vision regarding developer involvement in the platform and your long term outlook on how developers will be interacting with the platform?


What extra Radios you plan to add via the usb ports :slight_smile:

Ps: side note, @April any chance of uploading the last dev call tonight so i can catch up before tomorrow



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Don’t forget to add your questions here before tomorrow :smile:

What are the plans for addressing the chronic scheduler instability? Is offloading event processing onto the v2 hubs expected to help?

See this thread for reference:


Why no instructions, step by step to use ST ? I am a new guy and lost on most things? I joined ST to use things, not invent how to use things. I am not a programer? I seem to beg everyone else to tell me things because nothing is written down anywhere. Everthing is a crap shoot… Lets do Step A, before all the other things. Frank c write some step by step instructions, and what the mean…


My question / topic:

With the new launch of the Updated SmartThings Application, Platform, & V2 Hub, there’s a large list of bugs, limitations, feature requests, usability issues, that people on these forums have posted about.

The staff have done a good job of letting us know they’re watching and logging these things, but how often / regularly do you see the Development Team releasing updates to the applications, platform, and adding new devices? Thinking back to another “former home automation platform”… Revolv (yes, i know, extinct now…) They stated that their goal was to release new devices and solutions on a monthly basis. Is there any sort of timeframe you can give us on how “rapidly” you see changes coming to SmartThings in regards to Fixes for usability and Bugs, New Features, and New Devices to the platform?

Thank you.

Is there an update pending for the V1 hub? If yes, what will be changed?
And will the V1 hub still be supported with updates going forward? Thanks.

What are your thoughts on Co-Branded Partnerships with Telecom Carriers?

  • Connected home is a business that our customers are excited about. We can help Smartthings overcome key adoption barriers. Telecoms can provide world class support. We have the workforce to provide assisted install. We have retail channels with trained staff for assisted sales of this “complicated” product. I’d appreciate a couple of quick comments on your thoughts on how Telecom partners can help increase the penetration of SmartThings connected devices and hubs worldwide. Thanks!

Hi Alex, Technical Question: What’s the plan with HomeKit (Apple) or Thread (Google) compliance? Is the objective to compete or complement? The Apple event starts in 55-minutes. Looking forward to seeing SmartThings as a HomeKit Bridge on the stage with Tim Cook.

Maybe next year, Tim Cook will be on the stage with SmartThings announcing a new era of openness with Apple products—when they finally embrace standards instead of making new standards.


ha ha… got it. I can see where you are coming from…

Any future for bluetooth window blinds control?

Just watched the Apple live stream and that’s what I learned about homekit.


I’m sure Alex will have a good answer for you, but also make sure you familiarize yourself with the resources on our Knowledge Base.

It appears the meeting URL in incorrect? However, this URL works:
omitting the 31 at the end. Is that right?

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OMG that bluejeans software is the worst piece of crap - won’t install, and WTF… a plugin??? This is 2015!
There’s an app for it.

Not a question , but some suggestions. Assign a paid SmartThings Employee to be the meetings notekeeper. Methodically address each and every question / concern brought up in this thread and have the notetaker publish the answers given in the thread with annotations to the original questions.

This is good data that is lost if not captured in one place. Why miss an opportunity to satiate some of the community concerns.

Develop QGA’s (Quarterly Goals and Achievements) for support staff. Reward if goals are met - Hold accountable if not met.

Publish (in one place) a list of priorities that relates to issues that are brought up by the community. List the importance of each priority and use strike throughs to indicate that an item has been addressed and resolved or is still pending. DO NOT bow to public pressure (stick to your guns) and devote resources to issues that are of low priority and make it known.

It would be fantastic to visit one Thread or location to understand what is high on the priority list and authentically being worked on and what is never gonna happen.

I see Ben pop into threads quite often and offer updates on what and what is not on the roadmap. These are all scattered throughout multiple threads with no easy way to discern where to find this information. A locked thread that only super user access personnel can solve this.

Leverage Samsung as a partner in these endeavors where possible.