Next Developer Call will be on 05/06/2015 - Guest : Rob Zienert - Sr. TechOps Engineer

Hi All!

Please join me in attending the next developer call! Rob Zienert will be here to talk about TechOps and servers!

Here’s a list of questions you’ve asked that is queued from 4/08. To ensure your question gets asked during the discussion, please add your questions below.


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    +1 408 740 7256
    +1 888 240 2560 (US or Canada only)
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  2. Enter Conference ID: 551112646

Hi @April, send out the calendar invitations.

Does this work for you?

ical link

@April …Thank you for the calendar add. See you there.

Am I missing the list of questions so far?

Not sure if Rob’s the right guy to answer this, but why are settings in SmartApps unable to be written to programmatically and only via user input?

Would also love to hear the system architecture / layout and technologies being used both servers/OS and databases.

Also, what type of access auditing is in place to insure user data and private info is not accessed?

How is monitoring set up? Is it staffed 24 hours 7 days a week? Or re-active?

How many unplanned downtime / outtages have there been since the beginning of the year?

What are the top priorities for Rob?

If he was a tree, what type of tree would he be?

Mac,Windows or Linux?

iOS or Android (if he says windows, I have more questions)?

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There weren’t any pre-asked questions for TechOps prior.


If he was a tree, what type of tree would he be?

I hope he says he’s a cactus. Because that’s what he is. :slight_smile: Or the Boojum Tree. …because he’s my boo----nevermind.

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@April. Can you ask if there will be an eventual follow the clock IT support created? Ie. After hour and limited weekend live chat availability and expedited e-mail ticket queue watching. (This is my concern.) I work for Dell IT Field Managed services and we always have people available to techs from every type of department are alway on 24/7 call cycle.

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A great question. Rob isn’t a part of our Support organization so he won’t be able to speak to that. Maybe we can bring on one of the leaders of our Support org in a later call.


Looking forward to tonight. I’ll be joined here in the MPLS office by other members of our Platform team as well, so it should be a good time.

So I could swing by and ask my questions in person :smile: I’m 5 minutes away from that office :smile:

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I wouldn’t want to hang out with a boojum tree, but whatever floats your boat.

They’re not fond of hugs.

I have no idea what that means @April but I’m not a hugger either…

boojum trees? They’re like, epic cactus plants.

-they range from 8feet+,
-fully protected by the Mexican government, boojums are only available in the US if they’ve been nursery-grown.
-selling price can be nearly $1000 per foot

all in all… @robzienert is tall, super freaken awesome, and is worth a lot. Plus, just the name, boojum, is so funny.

This. What does the stack look light from top to bottom. What percentage of the stack is in the cloud (AWS) vs in house.

This is my favorite deep dive talk. Good example of how to get super technical without losing everyone in the room. If you don’t care about rails, just watch it the first 5 minutes. Great stuff.


Thanks for coming to the Developer Discussions this week. Will upload video as soon as I can. Out of town, and the my internet connection has been very spotty, so I’ll be uploading as soon as I can : at the latest, Wednesday, when I’m back.

just an FYI!


I’ve uploaded it here : , but it’s still processing at the moment. check it out shortly when it’s available!

Video is private 1234567

Youtube was being a butt. We’re good to go now. :slight_smile: