Next Developer Call will be on 04/22/2015- Guest - SmartThings: Liz Tupper -Product Manager | Kyle LeNeau - Director and Lead Architect, Mobile

(April Wong) #1

Hi All!

Please join me in attending the next developer call for the Mobile Developer Team members - SmartThings: Liz Tupper -Product Manager | Kyle LeNeau - Director and Lead Architect, Mobile ! They’re the ones that does all the updates for our mobile updates, along with wearables.

Here’s a list of questions you’ve asked that is queued from 4/08. To ensure your question gets asked during the discussion, please add your questions below.


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Address the recent platform changes and lack of detailed notes of what was changed, conveniently timed with the Android 1.7 rollout that broke a lot of community device types, what testing and coordination between the Mobile App team and the Platform team is done to insure this type of regression and collision of change doesn’t occur?

Device Tile improvements, where is the HTML tile? Image Tile? Dynamic Tiles (ability to show, hide or add or delete tiles)? A List view?
Smart Phones do a lot more than just presence. The IFTTT app exposes many of the events that happen on a mobile to its servers. What are the prospects if any that ST will bring mobile phones into the platform as fully integrated device types. Being able to trigger events based on not only geolocation, but other phone events in a native way would be awesome. There are so many possibilities including NFC, beacons, messages, phone calls, etc. You can do some of this now with IFTTT but it can take up to 15 minutes to trigger a color change on your lights after a missed call. This a something I would not mind having a separate app for.
Is the SmartThings way going to be a single app or a family of apps?
Multiple user levels, access and control? Separate app notifications?
MMS notifications, sending images?
Wifi based mobile presence instead of GPS based or in addition to?
Email notifications, with attachments?
Wake on Lan support from hub?

(Jeff DeWolfe) #2

Are there plans to work and/or control stuff with the upcoming Apple Watch? SmartThings Apple Watch app?

Back burner questions:
MyQ Official Integration?
Honeywell Thermostat Official Integration?
Amazon Echo integration?

(Sully) #3

Are there any plans to expand the functionality of Hello Home phrases now that widgets have been added that allow control only through Hello Home phrases? (Changing Thermostat modes instead of just temps, opening garage doors, etc.)

(Eric Ryherd) #4

When will my Device Type Publication request be looked at?
Created: 8 Apr 2015 3:03 AM UTC
Title: EZMultiPli/HSM200 Z-Wave Plug-in multi-sensor
No action since it was created…

(Kris Schaller) #5

@DrZWave, we are currently working through the list of pending SmartApp and Device Type submissions.

An email was sent out by @mager last week for those who have submitted, but since your submission was 8 days ago I’m not sure if you were included in that correspondence. Did you receive anything?

(Douglas) #6

What is the status/roadmap for tablet versions of all three mobile apps? Is this part of the forthcoming UI/UX update, or will they come later?

(Eric Ryherd) #7

No, I didn’t get an email from @mager. When did he send it?

(April Wong) #8

@DrZWave, If you haven’t received it, then disregard. We’re working on the queue at the moment: It’s been a pain point with the lack of resources to support this demanding queue list. With Kris and hopefully more onboard, we’re going to be banging out these much more quickly. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your patience.

Also! I updated the information to include who from the mobile team will be attending. Love your questions thus far, please keep them coming for them!

(April Wong) #9

I’ll see you all tonight!

(Andrew Mager) #10

Have you submitted your app? Let me know the name of the app and I’ll take a look as soon as I can.

(Eric Ryherd) #11

@mager “EZMultiPli/HSM200 Z-Wave Plug-in multi-sensor” is the title of the Device Type I submitted back on April 8

(April Wong) #12

(Jeff DeWolfe) #13

Thanks April, sorry I missed you guys last night! Look forward to catching up with the video.

(April Wong) #14

<3 It’s okay, I’ll see you in two weeks, when you can bug Rob about platforms servers and TechOps! I will be providing the guide marks too very soon, but at this time, I wanted to share the video, since I have it up already!