Newbie Question for XCSource RGB Controller


I just recently started my smart home endevour and have lurked here a bit finding a lack of RGB/RGBW light strip integrations for someone who does not get the already integrated Phillips Hue style strips, the Fibaro RGBW Zwave Controller, or the Smartlife H801.

With that said, I currently have some RGB strips connected to These guys. The premade app is okay, and remote capabilities are decent as well. It has very limited Echo/Alexa capabilites that are pretty much on/off. I saw the H801 app and was excited to be able to manually add the IP addresses of these controllers, but no control would work. I am posting as a newbie, most likely in the wrong place so bear with me, asking for help on where to go from here. Is it going to be an involved process for me to make these devices work by having to write my own device handlers and my own web portal to them and such? Or Are these controllers worth keeping around? I have done some extensive digging about them and found some interesting info here. These actually use the same chip as the controllers I have. Additionally, I think it would be possible to add a custom firmware to it as it is easy to access the devices info by going to http://IPADDRESS/. It allows the user to upload a firmware and change device settings. I just can’t seem to figure out how I would get something like the Smartlife H801 to work with this without totally writing it from scratch.

I did some searching on these forums but did not find anyone working on these controllers.

Does anyone have experience with these? Or should I just stop now, and either go with the H801 or something like the philiips Hue?

I really feel as if I am a bit out of my elements here trying to make this work without the groovy experience and being week 1 with SmartThings.

I would say open one up and see if there is an esp8266 chip and anything that resembles “RX/TX” terminals. If it does, then you can probably upload my firmware to it (although I may have to modify some pin numbers). If it doesn’t it is going to be much easier to go with the H801 then program something yourself.

Ever get it working? I just wired an XCSource RGB up. Like you the provided app is nice, but I’d like to make it SmartThings enabled.