Newbie I don't get routines, all I want to do is switch a sonos "doorbell" off

Hi I really do not understand modes and routines ALL I want is a SIMPLE switch to turn a door bell (multi sensor+ sonos) off if I have got people trailing in and out of house (workmen/kids) WITHOUT having to keep changing TIME in set up smart app. IS there an APP to do this and if so how do I get it?

PLUS what IS ALEXA? I keep seeing it mentioned on here but cant find WHAT it is.
How do you go about getting apps that ARE NOT on the Smart things hub mobile app (which I hate by the way) .

Does not appear to be available on AMAZON UK - however oddly you can buy a case for it!


So sometimes you want your sonos to ring when a door opens, but other times you don’t want it to?

It sounds like modes and routines are what you want to use.

What smartapp are you using now to notify you that your door is open?

In general, you create mode #1 and routine #1. You setup routine #1 so that when it runs, mode #1 becomes active. Then in the smartapp you’re using to make the sonos ring, you would limit the execution to only occur in mode #1. When your door opens and ST is in mode 1, your sonos will ring.

Then you create mode #2 and routine #2. Routine #2 is set to switch to mode #2. If ST is in mode #2, your sonos won’t ring.

Name the modes and routines whatever you want so you know what’s what. You manually trigger the running of routine #1 or routine #2. Or you could try to automate it based on a presence sensor or some other trigger.

You should check out the wiki created by the community.

You can probably find instructions on how to create new modes and routines within the mobile app on the wiki. And you can read about how to add custom smartapps. That’s done from a web browser.

This will explain how to get smart apps that are not in the market place as well as a bunch of other things.

If you just want to jump straight to learning how to find and use custom code, here’s that FAQ:

Meanwhile, there are a whole bunch of different ways to give you one tap control of whether the doorbell sounds or not. What code/rule did you use to set up the doorbell sound in the first place?

Many thanks for your time and your help.
I have managed to sort this out now and can easily switch the doorbell off when needed.
Just a question of getting to grips with what Routines do.

thank you again

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Now I understand how modes work I managed to work out a solution for this. It’s a multipurpose sensor, someone knocking the door (confusingly for them!) sets off a bell on the sonos (I set it with 15 mins grace so I can answer the door without it sounding again) - the bell is set for daytime only, after 11pm a different smart app takes over the sensor and an alarm is set. I have it set to home mode and just change the mode to night to turn it off as there is nothing else in the day that I have set to a home mode. It isn’t often I need to do this, the bell sounds if I go out of course and when I come home - but that’s ok.

Thanks for your help