Newbie - Alert if left doors open not necessarily based on time or duration, but other trigger

Hi All, I recently picked up a Smartthings v2 and have the following, connected, devices:

  • a Bosch motion sensor in main area of house,
  • a few door sensors,
  • Amazon echo,
  • ecobee thermostat,
  • kitchen light switch,
  • smartplugs

Newbie at this and not sure how to best proceed as the smatthings app doesn’t seem to have the functionality I need (routines are limited, doesn’t look like they offer the polling that I need). I’d like to setup the door sensor to alert me if I left anything open when I leave the house, and also announce a door opening via Alexa if a particular door is open when I’m at home. I’m no programmer but thinking flow would be something along these lines:

  1. Transition from home to away (phone presence sensor):
    IF any door sensor is open, THEN send notification

  2. When home:
    IF door sensor is opened, have Alexa state “door X opened”
    IF transition to night mode then check if doors opened, send notification if yes

  3. If Ecobee starts actively heating or cooling:
    IF any door sensor is open, THEN send notification

Would prefer to have this run locally if possible. Any suggestions on how I should go about this?

Check out webcore (but it doesn’t run locally per your request)

How do I check what SmartApps are running locally?

What method of "notification"ate you looking for? Unless this is turning on a light or switch, I don’t think you will be able to have this “run locally” (which I take to mean functionality when external network is down), as push notifications, sms, and integration with Alexa, all require internet and cloud interaction.

Unfortunately, Alexa can’t be used directly for notifications. You can use it as a BT speaker but that will require you to connect to an Android device. More details can be found in this thread. Look at post #3 for specific steps to install a program called LANnouncer for text to speech and other audio notifications with SmartThings.

Thanks for the reply Tony (and all). I meant that the logic would be run locally, in terms for notification I was hoping that it could be done through the Smartthings app flashing a notification on my phone or sending an SMS.

Samsung seems to be relying a lot on 3rd parties to take up the slack with Smartthings I see. I’ll take a look at the info y’all have provided and follow-up with questions after I’ve processed.

I use SmartThings “My Contacts” (search the forum for how to enable this feature) and webCoRE to send notifications. I sometimes get multiple notifications but never miss any. The cool thing about contacts is you can specify who gets what messages.

Don’t think Contacts is available in new app…


The Ecobee Suite smart app will handle the part with your hvac system fine. I actually do just that right now.

You may want to load a app called big talker to send audioable messages based on event. It seems to work well.

There is a smart things template app called Left It Open you can load that will let you know when a door is left open. You could set it to only run when your hub is ina mode related to you being away from home. So it would be a two step automation. First have your home change to away mode when you presense changes. Then have the left it open trigger when the door is left open and you are in that mode.

You could do something similar for for when you transition to night mode.