Newb...Please Review My Devices

This is a great forum and I’m already learning a lot from some poking around here.

I don’t have a hub yet and wanted to see if the pros could quickly review all my smart devices and give me some feedback if SmartThings will work for some or all of what I have. I want to consolidate as much as possible.

Thanks for any feedback!

I have the following devices right now with no hub in place:
-MyQ Chamberlain Garage Door (MyQ App)
-Honeywell Thermostat (Honeywell App)
-(2) Ring Stick On Camera’s (Ring App) I know probably no integration here, just wanted to note it
-(3) TP-Link Smart Plugs (Kasa App)
-(3) Zwave Smart Plugs (From At&t Digital Life - Not using currently)
-Yale dead bolt (From At&t Digital Life - Not using currently)
-(2) POE Camera’s - Will get details later today (From At&t Digital Life - Not using currently)

Welcome! First rule of home automation: the model number matters. That includes even things like the Z wave plug-ins. So in the future please list exact model numbers. :sunglasses:

What’s the model of the Honeywell thermostat? Or what’s the exact name of the Honeywell app that you use (there is more than one). Some Honeywell thermostats work with smartthings, some don’t.

The TP Link pocket sockets should work fine with the official integration as long as you are using the new V3 smartthings app, with a couple of caveats. See the following discussion thread:

TP Link Kasa Devices with new official integration (July 2019): reviews needed

the Z wave plugs you listed should work fine with smartthings once you get them reset.

You’re correct that there is no direct integration with the ring stick up cam. However, you may be able to get some partial integration through IFTTT.

On the Yale Lock, we need to know the model number.

MyQ is complicated. There’s no official integration. There have been a couple of unofficial integrations which sometimes work and then sometimes get shut down for a while and then sometimes get working again… I believe at the moment the only one that is working is MyQ Lite but to be honest I’m not sure if that’s working fully either. Ask in the following thread:

[RELEASE] MyQ Lite Door and Lamp Control (for Liftmaster/Chamberlain)

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The Chamberlain MyQ garage openers can be integrated with SmartThings via a SmartApp that you’ll be able to find by searching this community. Note that the SmartApp really requires you to add a sensor to your door(s). Without a sensor on your door(s), the SmartApp won’t be able to determine the door state.

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Once you have the model numbers look them up for official support:

Searching on the community is good for items that aren’t officially supported.

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