New Virtual Switch Request, Whole House fan speed control Hi/LOW

Great idea! You could take this further . . . If its higher than 72 in the house, and, cooler than 70 outside, then turn on the fan with the speed dependent on the number of windows open ;-). Open the windows and the fan comes on automatically!

BTW, if you do this, the fanciness of the UI doesn’t really matter. . . . that’s really the beauty of the platform, not just making it possible to control via a UI on a phone. Forget about the UI. . . think about how and when you want to turn on the fan and automate the process so there is no need to interact with a UI.

@AaronZON, @gregcaulder

I found another way to do this. Aeotech makes a z-wave micro motor controller intended to run motorized shades. I just wrote a device type for it, as you can read here: Aeon micro motor controller DSC14104

This device is interesting because it is essentially a double throw switch with an off position. As such, only one side can be on at a time. Sounds like just what you were looking for.

That’s seems perfect, Bruce. Be sure to check the loading, however. This switch seems to be rated at 2.5 amps. I haven’t looked at attic fans lately but, unless they are 240V, I would suspect they would be drawing more than 2.5 amps.

@bravenel, are you thinking that shade driver would be wired to 2 relays to control the motor load? I think this would work and may make the ST part of this simpler.

Yes, I didn’t know about the load, or even whether the fan was 120 or 240. So if the load isn’t right, a simple relay could take the load. The problem we discussed earlier on this thread was the lack of sequencing determinism with z-wave devices. This device solves that problem in hardware, since it truly is a double throw switch, with an off position as well.

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@gregcaulder Did you ever get this set up to work with your whole house fan? Did you use just the relay on existing switches? I am just getting into the whole Smart Things system and this is one thing that I wanted to hook up.

Also wondering if you got this working?