New version of custom capability - not installed on the hub

Apologies, I know the answer is somewhere in this forum.

Is there still the issue where installing a new version of a capability does not get seen by an edge driver on the hub? (even though all the cli commands seem to work?)

Is there a list of known problems?

By a new version, do you mean if you changed the capability’s attribute or command name, or added more of these elements?

People used to comment in this thread on new issues they found:

But I don’t think the main list is being updated.

Yes. Is that still a problem?

I’m checking more details with the engineering team. However, I was able to replicate the issue, my changes to the custom capability weren’t recognized by the driver, but after some time, it seems it updated by itself
If you want to see the change immediately, you need to delete the driver package and create it again, I suggest using a new packageKey.

Thank you for investigating.

This caused me significant angst. I know edge is evolving and beta and this issue is mentioned in the community, I guess it seems to be it would be possible for the engineering team to share their outstanding bugs or something.

Sorry to whine, but for someone coming up the learning curve, this really hurts.