New user... who (me) must be an idiot

Ok, I install an electrical outlet… got that working.
Now, I want to setup the motion detector to notify me when the pantry door is opened. (I have ordered a GE bulb that I hope to setup coming on when the pantry is open). I linked the motion sensor, it shows in my ST app, but where can I choose a SmartApp? I see a tab at the top of the app, when I click it, it says none installed…I go back to the Home screen and click on the SmartApps tab there and it shows my Echo, but no other apps… so WHERE is the option to see apps I can install? I have googled and searched here, and found references to writing and installing custom apps, but I was under the impression there were some standard apps for this sort of thing… Thanks

It’s the right most icon in the bottom of the app. That’s the market place, the same place where you add new devices. Click on that and you will see Things and SmartApps tab. All the smartapps are in there. If you have your own you can find it there under “My Apps” on the bottom as well.

I recommend giving these two apps a shot.



Thanks… I had clicked on so many SmartApps tabs… and found nothing, I had missed that one.

Ok, great on the first question, but you have lead me to a second… how do I now find the two apps you are suggesting? Is there a way to search? Thanks

would suggest looking up, self publishing apps via the IDE (You’ll also need to get the app code from the links above)

Once you understand that - ST will become your ouster :smile:

Check out this excellent video by @scottinpollock

Here is an excellent place to start

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Hey, you could get easily overwhelmed. I suggest getting used to stock apps, first, and once you are comfortable and bored with those only then start exploring the IDE options. My 2 cents…

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Yes, I agree… I have made a promise to myself to take it one step at a time and make sure I fully understand how that step (thing) works before I move on…

This might help:

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Does this video have audio? I can not get it to play sound…

Thanks… been researching the apps and how to add them… but I have to ask a question… where do you get an electric blanket that will work this way? Mine won’t turn on if the power goes off,… Thanks