New to the community with a few questions

I recently bought a ST hub and have begun integration of devices. I’ve noticed that when setting up an automation ,that when viewing it in the app, it creates 2 listings, 1 for on and 1 for off for the same device. If you expand that out, that list could potentially be a mile long and how hard would that be to sort out?

As for scenes (as a suggestion) it would be cool if you could perhaps set it up in 1) floors then rooms. Then have a visual to create the scene you wish to have.

I know many thermostats use geo fencing, will there be any sort of additions in that area? Also, almost all thermostats have humidity, my lyric displays this in the app but the trane does not.

Does anyone know if Chamberlain/liftmaster MyQ will be interested? I see tailwind is. So far I love the options, maybe they are there and I haven’t found them yet. (GEO fencing would be great here too)

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A few random answers…

  1. Chamberlain has not been interested in creating a smartthings integration as they have their own smart features. You would have to ask them. ( as of mid 2019, smartthings has published the API for their new platform and it is now up to the individual device manufacturers to create integrations for their models.)

  2. Since smartthings has its own Geofencing features, you can almost always combine that with any SmartThings-connected thermostat so I think that’s what most people do

  3. as far as the multiple automations, I think that depends on the exact device model and automation you’ve created. I haven’t run into that with my devices, but I’m sure it happens with them. Can you show us a screenshot of the automation you set up? And list the brand and model of the devices?

Hello, Thanks for the reply! I’ll have to dig into the geo fencing. Here is the screenshot, one is a ST outlet controlled device the other light bulb. I created it one time, it came out x2 Also any thoughts on the Trane thermostat missing the indoor humidity where the lyric isn’t? Thanks again!

Right above those, does it happen to say “Quick Controls”?

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It does yes. To get there I tapped automation to see what is listed. They seem like duplicates if I select them.

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Anytime you open a device from the device list, there are options to set timers for on/off. Every time, you use those, a quick control is created in the automation list at the bottom under quick controls. If you set it to recurring, the quick control stays forever.

Sorry for the confusion. I thought automations from the menu would be those created so they can be edited at some point if need be. But it is more like a history?.

My guess… ST was Settting up a central location for those recurring timers. To me, I find them annoying. The only way to get rid of them is edit them and adjust it so it only runs once.

It makes sense I suppose if you turn it on one day and not another and the other way around. But it would make more sense to put those conditions as a subset to the device listed there rather than each condition independently? Thank you for your replies and time :slight_smile: