New to ST and have Camelot connect deadbolt locks when leave unlocks 10 minutes later

Yeah phone presence can be flaky depending on your phone and local area. There is many threads talking about this issue.
See these thread:

Or just seach phone presence in the forum.

In my house we use the smart things presence FOB. I think I git them on sale at Lowes or Amazon. We each have our own. My wife just keeps hers in her purse, Me my backpack I take to work, Daughter leaves it in her car. My issues with the smart things FOB is:

  1. Uses batteries
    2} easy to break battery holder changing battery. (Have to be careful and it’s not obvious)

I paired these sensors with our phone presence sensors to get a more reliable presence detection. I use this smart app which combines the 2 presence sensors in one.

You could probably also do this same checking in CoRe but I have not tried that yet

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Will it lock and unlock with one presence sensor arriving if the other 2 are still inside the house?
Yes you can set that up in your Routines to monitor as many as you would like.

Also as for managing your Schlage lock I use @RBoy software, you’ll have to pay for access to some of his software.

There is also a free version

I don’t use this version so I can’t speak for how well it works. I DO use RBoy’s version and it works very well. You can manage just about everything on your Schlage Lock by installing several of his software options.

Hope that helps.

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