New to SmartThings, need some help

So, I’m new to this whole world of home automation and could use some help in tweaking my settings.

Here’s the scenario:

I’ve got a front door sensor, a schlage keypad lock, and appropriate motion sensors all set up and working great together. I am using these for a rental which I manage from far away.

I’m able to set the codes remotely (using Rboy’s awesome app), schedule them, etc.

What I’m having issues doing is setting routines and changing the Smart Monitoring mode to only alert me in specific instances.

I would like a renter to be able to:

  1. use their code and go in. This would switch the mode to “Home”, and it wouldn’t send a text to me
  2. After their stay, I’d like the system to go back to “armed”
  3. If our cleaning people come in (they have their own code), the system would go to home, then “away” when they leave

Basically I’m having difficulty wrapping my head around how to make the system figure out if people have locked up and left or whether people are still there. I don’t want it to go into armed mode for the duration of their stay.

Any one have ideas?

I looked and can’t see a way to do something that finely controlled with Routines. You could use CoRe. It seems a little intimidating at first but you catch on quickly. And the Piston help thread is full of people looking to help you make it work.

I’m not home to look but I think you can do this using @RBoy code you already paid for.

You can set specific actions to happen when a specific user unlocks the door. Then set an action when the door is locked from outside button.

I’ll have to look when I get home. I’m sure I used this for when my daughter unlocks the door with her code after we’re in bed and house is locked up. It disables SHM and sets house to home mode.

Maybe someone else can clarify that some before I get home late tonight.

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Well apart from the suggestions about about CoRE and using sensors to detect motion and create a rule which are awesome ideas, one simple way that was designed into the SmartApp itself was action based on external lock.
Some locks like the Schlage BE469 and Yale YRD2x0 series have the ability to “lock” the deadbolt from outside using the keypad or a code. You will need to use the Universal Z-Wave DH to enable/use that feature if your lock supports that feature in conjunction with the SmartApp and now you configure the SmartApp to change modes/run routines when it detects that the lock has been locked from the outside.

However this would require you to tell your maids/guests to press the lock button when they are leaving. Not as easy as it sounds rights :slight_smile:

Another option since you said you have a door sensor is to just auto lock it when the door is closed. Would be slightly annoying to people using door.
Also if you have android, you could have tasker check google calendar for events like when renter’s / cleaners are supposed to be there. Then send a lock door command using sharptools some time after you think they should have left. Or (I think you can) change to home mode while they should be there then back to away or whatever when their gone.

Rboy you’re a genius.

So I’ve found the part in your app where I can set it on keypad lock, and I’d set the routine to go into “Locked and Armed” and on successful unlock it goes into “Unarmed”.

I’m about 80% there (which is good since I am leaving to go home tomorrow. Wish I had of found your app prior to 3 days ago).

What happens with the autolock feature? I am assuming that if the guest leaves and the lock locks itself, that this wouldn’t trigger the “armed” portion of the feature? I do have your current DH loaded (The universal one).

I suppose this is when I would set up CoRe rules (I haven’t had a chance to read up on this) to say something like “If no motion in >60mins, then arm”? (I don’t know the syntax, but assume it’s something along those lines).

Everyone Else: thanks for the help, will check out core once I get home and have more time I can devote to this :slight_smile:


It can tell the difference between an electronic lock, manual lock and keypad lock (including user code if configured) and you can set the appropriate actions.

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I would think you could even use tasker and sharptools to read a Google calendar and alert you on your phone if the lock wasn’t locked by the time they should have left.

Lots of ways to skin the same cat. That’s what is great about this system and everything it connects to.